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Tapestry allows the flexible creation of groups which you can use for viewing, filtering, and also within the analysis functions that Tapestry provides.


Simple viewing of groups

You can change which group you see on the main obs tab by using the filters at the top of the list of observations. You can select a manually created the group from the 'Group' drop down menu.



Also in the children section you can filter by the pre-determined groups on Tapestry which are:

All children in your Setting
Your own key children
Time of year born
EAL or not
SEN or not
Type of SEN
FSM or not
EYPP or not
Other staffs' key children

Certain management settings may influence which groups you are able to see. For example, if a manager has chosen for staff to see only their own key children, they will only see their key children when clicking on the 'Child' option. Additionally, when filtering by another key person you will not be able to see the observations for their key children if this option is turned on.

Smaller settings will probably manage quite well by leaving the observations page with the default of 'all children'. However, larger settings should find it very easy to use these filters to narrow down the hundreds of observations that will build up.


Creating/Managing groups

Go to your Control Panel:



You'll find a tab down the left hand side called (1) 'Manage Groups'. Click this group and you'll be taken to the screen for managing groups:




The first thing to note is that any groups you've already created will be listed (shown at 2 above). You can edit or delete these groups at any time by clicking edit button or the cog button to delete.

To add your own manual group click on the (3) 'Add Group' button.

Clicking this option will take you to this screen:




(1) Decide on a name for the group and if you need one enter a (2) description. These will both appear on the list page above.




You can then add children to the group by clicking into the children section, this will give you a drop down list with your children's names. To add them to the group you just need to click on their name. If you have lots of children in your setting you can find them more easily by typing their name into the children box and then clicking on them.


To save the group you just need to press submit at the bottom of the page.

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