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There are certain groups on Tapestry that are automatically created for you based on the information you enter for children, like gender, season born, cohort year etc., so it's not necessary for you to set up these groups on your account. If however, you would like to create groups specific to your setting such as classes, rooms and ability groups, you just need to follow this tutorial.

Groups on Tapestry can be used when adding observations, to select whole groups at a time or select children from a group (currently only available on the browser version) and they can also be used to help you with your tracking on Tapestry. 


To create a new group or manage an existing one you will need to go to your Control Panel which you can find by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen and then selecting that option from the drop-down list. 


name (empty).png


From the left hand-side menu you will need to select the 'Manage Groups' option (1). 

Once on this page you will see any existing groups listed (2) and you can add a new one by clicking on the '+ Add Group' button (3). 




You can then enter a name (1) and description (2) for the group and to add children to it you just need to click on the '+ Select Children' button (3). 




After selecting to add children, you will then be presented with a pop-up with a list of all the children's names on your account. 
Please note that children that are ‘enrolling’ will also show up in this list. If children are enrolling it means they will not contribute to your number of active children and you can’t use the full functionality of Tapestry with them until they have been made active. This tutorial talks you through how to do this. 

Here you can search for a child's name use the filter box at the top (1). If you want to add all or most of the children in the list to the group you might want to use the 'Select All' button (2) and if you wanted to remove any children you could then untick their names. To add children to the group individually you just need to select the tick box at the end of the row of their name (3). As soon as you have selected all the children you want to add, you just need to click on the 'Done' button (4). 




Once you attach the children you will then be able to see all their names included in the group (1). Any children that are enrolling that have been included will be labelled accordingly (2). 

When you’re happy with the group, just remember to press ‘Save’ (3). 








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