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Adding more children to your Tapestry package

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We're getting a few people who need to add more children than their Tapestry account permits, so here's a short tutorial on how to go through this process of upgrading your package.


However if you require fewer children than your current package size and would therefore like to downgrade to a smaller package, you will need to contact us at customer.support@eyfs.info in order to do this. If you do downgrade, you will not receive a refund for half way through the year, so we would recommend requesting a downgrade when you renew your subscription.


The person who set up the Tapestry account needs to sign into http://eyfs.info. Managers can find out who that person is by going into Tapestry, Choosing "Control Panel" from the menu on the top right, and looking at the foot of the first Overview page.


Then find your way to your invoices and purchases page, by clicking your name on the top bar, and selecting 'My Invoices and Purchases', like this:

invoices and purchases.png


Click on 'manage purchases' and you'll be shown any current subscriptions you have (usually you'll have an FSF subscription and a current Tapestry subscription):

manage purchases.png


From here, click on 'Manage' by the subscription you want to upgrade and you'll find yourself on this page:



Click the 'Upgrade' button and you'll find yourself here:

subscription list.png


This will display a list of larger package sizes to which you may upgrade. Please note that you cannot downgrade your package size through here. To downgrade please contact us on customer.support@eyfs.info


Select the radio button to upgrade to your next Tapestry level (in this case to the highest 'up to 60 children' package, then click 'Save'.

You'll then be asked to confirm your billing information, select a payment type (cheque and post, or online by card), and then to confirm your order. Please, go to our how to pay an invoice tutorial if you are unsure on how to proceed from here.


If you opt to pay by card online your upgrade will be immediate. If you choose to pay by post we'll upgrade your account when we receive your payment.


Please note that you will only pay the difference between your current package size and the larger one and your subscription expiry date will not change - in terms of the cost, it will be like you bought the bigger package to begin with.


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