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How to renew your account/pay an invoice


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On Tapestry you can access, pay your invoices by card and find information on how to pay invoices by BACS or cheque. 

We'll start by looking at how to access your invoice. If you would like to skip to the section on paying your invoice, click here.


Accessing your invoice

There are several different ways you can get to your most recent Tapestry invoice:

1. Going to the Control Panel (1)(2), staying on the 'Overview' page and clicking on the 'View and pay your invoices' button (3). Please note only managers on Tapestry can access the control panel.




2. If your account is up for renewal, there will be a yellow banner at the top of the page which tells you when your account will expire and will also include a link to your invoice.




3. If your account has expired, when you try and log in on the browser version of Tapestry, you will get a message explaining why you can't log in to your account, and this will also include a link to your invoice.




4. If you aren't signed up to the Tapestry package, you can still access the invoice if you know the invoice number and the post code associated with the account. To do this, go to pay.tapestryjournal.com, and enter your invoice number and postcode that's listed on your account (1) and then click 'Find Invoice' (2).





Paying your invoice


Once you've accessed your invoice, you can Pay, Share or Download it (1). You'll also be told if there are any other invoices linked with your account that are also awaiting payment (2).




To pay your invoice, click Pay and you'll be given the option to pay by card, cheque or bank transfer. If you decide to pay by bank transfer or cheque, please remember to quote your invoice number so we can identify your payment. While card payments are usually instant, cheque and bacs payments can take 5 working days to process. 




You can share your invoice by clicking the Share button. Here you will see a direct link to your invoice (1), so if you have a payments/finance team struggling to find the invoice, simply send them this link and they'll be able to access and pay the invoice online. You can also download your invoice to PDF (2) from this page which can then be emailed or saved. 





If you have any payment queries please contact us at customer.service@eyfs.info




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