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How to renew your account/pay an invoice

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Skip to part B if you are a new user or your account has not expired yet.


Part A: Renewing an expired Tapestry subscription

You should be receiving emails reminding you to renew 1 month before the expiry date of your subscription, but sometimes they can get lost in spam folders, or forgotten about among the multitude of other emails you receive. Before you know it, a month has passed and you suddenly find yourself unable to login!


Don't panic! We keep hold of your data for a certain amount of time after account expiry, so you don't have to worry about it being deleted overnight. Some people think they can't pay because they can't log in, but in fact you don't pay through Tapestry, you pay through the FSF. Simply follow the steps in the second part of this tutorial to pay your invoice and reactivate your account.

Section B: Paying an invoice

We get a lot of questions about how to pay invoices for Tapestry (and FSF memberships). Hopefully this tutorial will solve most common problems. 

For the purpose of this tutorial the examples show how to pay an upgrade invoice, but the process is the same for new and renewal invoices.

It’s quite likely you will want to pay through the FSF. Please note that paying through the FSF means paying by card, however, you can also get a copy of the invoice for BACS and cheque payments if you want. You are linked to the appropriate page in the email we send you:

View Order.png


But you may get this error message:


Error message.png


This is most likely because you are not logged into your Foundation Stage Forum or ‘FSF’ account. To login go to http://eyfs.info/home and click the sign in button at the top of the page:

sign in.png


sign in 2.png

Your username for the FSF is NOT a email address, it will be different to any Tapestry login details you may have, unless you have set the same password yourself (which is not recommended!).


Once logged in you can access your invoice either through the link in your email or by clicking on your username at http://eyfs.info/home and selecting My Invoices and Purchases:

invoices and purchases.png


This is what the invoices and purchases screen should look like. You will see all your previous and current orders, and you will be able to both pay or cancel the invoice from here. You can keep track of your order status from here as well.

your order.png


Click 'Pay Now' to start the online checkout procedure.

Please check that your billing address is correct (1). If you are planning on paying by card, the billing address should coincide with the card's billing address. 

For overseas card payments - please make sure that your billing address does not include any accents or symbols not recognised in the English language, as this can lead to errors in the card payment process.

In this screen you can choose how would you like to settle your payment (2), either by card or by post (e.g. BACS and cheque payments). For card options, you can also split the payment (3) if necessary.

Once you are happy with the invoice information, please click 'Place Order and Pay' (4).



If paying by card you will be directed to a secure online payment site that should look like the snapshot below. Select the appropriate card and fill in the form (1). If you have changed your mind about your payment, you can still cancel the payment type here and return to the checkout page (2).

card payment.png


If paying by BACS or cheque you will be taken to a screen from which you can print your invoice. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'print invoice' on your order review.

print invoice.png

If you do pay by BACS payment make sure you include your invoice number in the payment reference to allow us to identify the payment. If you cannot do this please make sure you send a remittance advice email including the payment reference number to bacs@eyfs.info


If you are paying from overseas please ensure that you, "the remitter" bear all local and overseas charges and they are not passed onto us. Please also ensure you pay the amount in GBP so that we receive the correct amount even if the exchange rate changes. Any shortfall in payment because of international payment charges or exchange rate fluctuations will delay us activating your account while we discuss the shortfall with you and you send us the required extra payment.

If you have access to Tapestry you can now also view your current and previous invoices via your control panel:



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