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How to add an accident form on the Care Diary


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Please note that this tutorial is aimed at those settings that make use of the Care Diary feature and would like to learn how to add an accident form from within this feature.

If your setting does not require the entire Care Diary functionality but still wish to add accident forms, you can enable an Accident only feature as shown in this tutorial

If your setting doesn't have the Care Diary feature enabled, but would like to start using it, this tutorial explains how you can enable it. 


We'll start by looking at how you can add and approve an accident form. To skip to the section on granting parental responsibility, click here.

To add an accident form, first go to the Care Diary section, which will show up on your top menu. If you have Accidents only enabled, you will instead need to go to the Accidents section.




To add an accident form you will firstly need to click on that. When you are on the Care Diary you will then need to click on the first aid box icon in the child's profile card that you need to add this for. 




Here you will then be able to adjust the date and/or time of the accident/incident (1), outline what happened with the accident/incident (2) and details about any first aid that was administered (3). 

To be able to save this record you will need to add at least one first-aider from the drop-down list of all staff members on your Tapestry account (4); you can select multiple members of staff here. 

At the bottom you can add any additional information (5) and once you're done you just need to click 'Create' (6).




Once you have created the form, on the main page of your Care Diary, you will see a message. There are two type of messages:




(1) If the accident form was created by a staff member then the accident form will require managerial approval before it can be discussed with a relative and marked as discussed. This message will only show in the screen of manager accounts; when staff members upload an accident form a notification will inform them that it has been saved but the accident will not be available on their Care Diary panel.



(2) Are those accidents that have been approved by a manager and are ready to be discussed with a carer and marked as discussed.

When you click into this alert you will be taken to the following page which outlines the details of the accident/incident.

Here you can either download a PDF of this form to print and ask the relative to date and sign in person (1) or you can mark it as discussed (2).




If you select to mark it as discussed you will then get the following pop-up message. At the top you will see the names of any relatives of the child that have been given parental responsibility on Tapestry and a note informing you that they will be notified once you select one of the below options (1).

You can then take a signature for this either from a hardcopy (1) or as a digital signature (2). 




If you select the 'Hardcopy will be signed' option you will then be presented with a box where you can enter the name of the person signing the form. 

After entering the name and clicking 'Submit' you can ask the signee to sign the copy of the form you have already downloaded from the previous screen. 




If you select 'Digital signature will be taken' (b) you will be presented with two boxes, one to enter the signee's name (1) and another to take their digital signature (2).

Once you have either selected to take a hardcopy or you have collected a digital signature, you just need to click on 'Submit'. 




You will then presented with this screen, including the digital signature for you to download and keep for your records.




Granting Parental Responsibility 

There may be an instance when you 'Mark as discussed' on an accident/incident form that you will receive the following message.

This means that the relative/s attached to the child has/have not been given 'Parental responsibility' via Control Panel. This can be done by anyone holding a manager profile on Tapestry clicking on the link in the message above.




This will take you to the 'Manage Relationships' page where you can locate the child's relative, when you do so, you just need to click on the 'Edit relationships' button.




On the pop-up you get after selecting this button you just need to tick the box next to 'Parental Responsibility' (1). If you hover over the 'i' (2) a small pop up will appear informing you that 'Relatives with parental responsibility will be notified once an accident entry has been signed off'. Once you've made your changes click 'Save' (3) to update this setting.




So, that's how to an accident form on Tapestry for a child. If you need to download accident forms for your record keeping, this tutorial will talk you through how to do this. 


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