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Adding an Accident Form from the Accident feature


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Please note that this tutorial covers how to add an accident form through the Accident section when this is outside of the Care Diary. To learn how to add an accident form from the Care Diary go to this tutorial here

If you haven't enabled the Accidents feature and wish to start using it, check this other tutorial out first


To add an accident form, all you need to do is navigate to the Accidents section on the top blue menu.




Once here, click on the first aid kit icon (1) on the corresponding child's panel. You can use the filter & sort bar (2) to filter by specific children, groups, etc.




This is what the accident form will look like:




(1) You can change the date if the accident form is for an accident that happened in the past. 

(2) This is the time of the accident. You can change the time by using the blue arrows up and down.

(3) Here you will be able to explain what happened.

(4) This section allows you to detail the first aid that was administered.

(5) You will need to select which staff member administered the firs aid.ç

(6) Add any extra information here.

(7) Create the accident form.


Please note that all accident forms added by staff members will require manager approval before they can be signed off. Accident forms added by managers are approved automatically.

You can see in the screenshot below an accident requiring approval (1) and one ready to be discussed with the relative after it has been approved (2).




To approve an accident form, click on the accident you'd like to review. You can then download a PDF (1) in case you wish to take a hard copy signature and also approve the accident (2).




If you need to make any edits - or delete the accident form -, you will need to return to the main Accident panel. Once here, make sure that you are viewing the day the accident that needs editing was made. You can check the date on the accident notes at the top (1), and, if required, you will be able to navigate to the correct date by clicking on the calendar (2) and choosing accordingly. 

Once on the correct day, click on the i icon (3) to access that child's overview for that day.




Select the tick box (1) for the accident form you'd like to edit/delete to trigger the edit/delete buttons (2). 




Once you are ready to mark an accident as discussed, click on the corresponding accident on your main Accident view. You will then be taken to the following page which outlines the details of the accident/incident.

Here you can either download a PDF of this form to print and ask the relative to date and sign in person (1) or you can mark it as discussed (2) if you are going to take the signature digitally directly onto your device.




You will need to select to mark it as discussed if you are planning on taking a digital signature, but also once you have had the relative sign the hard copy off.

After clicking on mark as discussed at the top of the pop-up box that will appear you will see the names of any relatives of the child that have been given parental responsibility on Tapestry and a note informing you that they will be notified once you select one of the below options (1).

You can then take a signature for this either from a hard copy (2) or as a digital signature (3). 




If you select the 'Hardcopy will be signed' option you will then be presented with a box where you can enter the name of the person that's signed the form off.

After entering the name and clicking 'Submit' you can ask the signee to sign the copy of the form you have already downloaded from the previous screen. 




If you select 'Digital signature will be taken' you will be presented with two boxes, one to enter the signee's name (1) and another to take their digital signature (2).

Once you have either selected to take a hard copy or you have collected a digital signature, you just need to click on 'Submit' (3).




You will then presented with this screen, including the digital signature for you to download and keep for your records.




If you need to bulk export accident forms for safekeeping, please take a look at this tutorial here



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