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How to export accident forms


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For your record keeping it is important that you keep hold of copies of children's accident form made on Tapestry. Obviously whilst a child is at your setting, these can be kept on Tapestry, but when they leave you will need to export these. Otherwise they will be deleted when you delete the child from your account. You can find out more information about retention periods from within the resources section on the forum, to download the resources from here you will need to be logged to your forum account. If you need any help with this, please get in touch with us by emailing customer.service@eyfs.info.

You might also want to export accident forms so you can analyse whether there any patterns with the accidents e.g. specific geographic locations within your setting, that would need to be addressed. 

Only a manager on a Tapestry account can export accident forms as this needs to be done from the Control Panel. You can access this by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner (1) and selecting 'Control Panel' (2) from the drop-down list. 




We'll look at how to export accident forms for individual children first. To skip to the section on exporting accident forms for multiple children, click here.


Exporting Accident Forms for Individual Children

Once on the Control Panel you will need to select 'Manage Children' (1) from the left-hand side menu. To export the accident forms for an individual child you just need to click on the cog button at the end of the row of their name (2) and then select 'Bulk export accident forms' (3). 




On the next page you can add or remove any children from your export (1).
Depending on your needs, you can change the date range for your export by simply clicking on the start and/or end date (2). You can also decide whether you would like the accidents to display in order of oldest or newest first (3).

Once you are happy, click the 'Download PDF' button (4).




Exporting Accident Forms for Multiple Children

It is also possible to export accident forms in bulk for multiple children. You can do this from 'Manage Children' (1) by selecting the tick boxes at the end of the row of the children you want to export for (2). When you do this you will then see a pop-up box in the bottom right-hand corner. From there you just need to select 'Export accident forms as PDFs' (3) and then press 'Go' (4). 




Again, you will be taken to the page that will allow you to add or remove any children (1), select a date range (2), and decide the order of the accidents (3). When you're done, click 'Download PDF' (4).




If you want to select a whole page of children you just need to click on drop-down menu by where it says 'Select Items' and then choose 'All' (1) from the menu. This will then tick the box for all children on that page (2). Please note that this is a maximum of 20 by default.

To select all of the children on your account you just need to change the amount of children visible on this page. You can do this by clicking on the button that says '20 per page' and changing this to 'All' (3). You would then need to follow the above instructions to select all of them (1).

When you have the correct children ticked, select to 'Export accident forms as PDFs' and press 'Go' from the pop-up menu in the bottom right-hand corner (4).




After clicking 'Go' you will again get the option to set the date period and make any changes to the selected children before clicking to download the PDFs.
After selecting that and clicking to download the accident forms, you will then be taken to a page where you can see your accident forms have been queued to be exported. If you click on the 'View your Downloads' button you will be taken to the Downloads section where the PDFs will be available for you to download once it is ready. 





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