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Setting your own notification preferences


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In this tutorial I will run through how to set the notification preferences for your own personal account. Changing these settings will only change the preferences for your personal Tapestry login. If you are a manager and want to change the default notification preferences for all users on your account, you just need to follow this tutorial.  

We're going to look at choosing whether you would like to receive notifications via email or internally, or whether you would like to disable certain notifications altogether. Setting your notification preferences to internal means you won't receive any emails and you can only see your notifications from within your Tapestry account.

If you want to set up your account to receive push notifications on a device, you can take a look at the tutorials below for iOS and Android.

Enabling and using push notifications on the new iOS app

Enabling and using push notifications on the new Android app

Please note that push notifications are only available on the new version of the app and not the original one. The new iOS and Android apps are separate to the original ones, so you will need to download them from the App/Play store. This article explains how to do this for the iOS app and this one explains it for the Android version.


New internal notifications are shown by the bell icon by your name in the top right-hand corner of the page on the browser version of Tapestry. If you click on that you will be able to see your notifications.


Image Pasted at 2020-3-23 14-31.png


If you would like to receive notifications via email there are three options for you to choose from as to how often you receive these. They are:

Immediate email: you will be emailed as soon as the observation/comment is posted

Daily email: you will get one email every 24 hours with all the observations/comments in

Weekly email: you will get one email every 7 days.


It's worth noting that PIN only staff members will not have the option to receive email notifications, as they don't have emails associated with their accounts. They will only have the option to receive notifications internally or to disable notifications.

To change your notification preferences you will need to login to the browser version of Tapestry, click on your name in the top right-hand corner (1) and select 'Edit Preferences' from the drop-down list (2).




This will take you to your preferences screen. At the bottom left you will see the option to 'Change Notification Preferences'.




If full staff members are set by the management options to only see their key children, they will also only receive their key children's notifications. However, managers and full staff members who are able to see all the children on your subscription will have to check the appropriate tick box (1) on this page if they only want to receive notifications for their key children.

When you click on any of the options you will get a drop-down menu where you will be presented with the choices of how you receive notifications (2). You can choose to receive notifications internally only, meaning you will just be notified from the bell icon within your Tapestry account, or you can choose to receive email notifications. You will also have the choice to disable notifications entirely, meaning you won't be notified internally or by email for the selected event. I won't go through all of these options with you, as you can see there are quite a few, but I would recommend taking a look at each one and thinking about if and how you would like to receive a notification for this.




Once you have set all of these up, you just need to press the ‘Save’ button (1) and if you then want to return to the previous page you just need to click on the 'Return to Edit Preferences Page' button (2).





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