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Setting default notification preferences for all users


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In this tutorial I will run through how to set default notification settings for all users on your Tapestry package. Only managers can change default settings, but all users can change their personal preferences by following the steps listed in our tutorial on setting your own notification preferences.

If you want to set up push notifications for users so they can enable them on specific devices, you can take a look at the guides linked below for iOS and Android. Please note, push notifications are only available on the new versions of the app which are separate to the original version. You can download them from the App/Play store.

Enabling and using push notifications on the new iOS app

Enabling and using push notifications on the new Android app

As a manager, you have the authority to decide the default notifications settings for new staff members and relatives. To do this you will need to go to your Control Panel, which you can access by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner (1) and selecting 'Control Panel' (2) from the drop-down. Then on the Control Panel click on the 'Settings' option on the left-hand side (3) and, from that drop-down, select 'Notifications' (4). 

Before setting the preferences for staff and relatives it's important that you ensure you have enabled them to be able to receive notifications. You can check this by clicking where it says 'Permissions' in the yellow message box at the top of the page (5).




The first section to this is the default area. Any changes you make here, whether it is at the beginning of your Tapestry subscription, or a significant length of time after, will only affect the people who haven't changed their settings personally in their own 'Edit Preferences' page. These are also the settings that any new staff member that you set up will have.

For each type of event you will be given five options to determine whether or not users will receive notifications and how they receive these:

Disabled means they won't receive email notifications or internal notifications.

Internal means they won't get any email notifications. Notifications will only appear as a mark next to the notification bell when they log into Tapestry.

Immediate Email means they will be emailed as soon as the observation/comment is posted.

Daily Email means they will get one email every 24 hours with all the observations/comments in.

Weekly Email means they will get one email every 7 days.





Most events will have these same five choices, but some of them will have fewer options.

Please note that PIN only staff will only have the option to receive internal notifications or to have notifications disabled, as they do not have an email address associated with their logins for messages to be sent to.

Once you are happy with your choices for the default settings, please remember to press 'Save'.




If your parents are not receiving notifications when they should be, please check that their email addresses are correct and you have set Tapestry to allow relatives to receive notifications. That setting can be found in your Control Panel > User Permissions > Relatives > Receive Notifications. 

If this does not help please see our troubleshooting tutorial: Not receiving email notifications

You also have the option to reset a specific kind of/all user/s to these default settings, although they will be able to change them back on their own accounts to whatever they want.

This can be done by choosing the group of users and pressing 'reset'.



Notifications and Email Log

Regarding checking on the delivery of notifications, you may like to refer to this tutorial here on the email log which provides an account of the different types of notifications that have been sent out by Tapestry and on their delivery status. This is a useful tool for managers to use to see if a notification has been sent.


That's all there is to it! Happy weaving!


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