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Not receiving notifications

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This tutorial will help you work out why a staff member or relative has not received a notification.

There are a few things to check before looking through the flowchart; firstly, is the staff members/relative's email address correct on your Tapestry. You can check this by going to the control panel -> manage staff or relatives -> click on their name in the list -> in the 'user details' section on the right hand side you can check their email address.

If it is not correct you can edit their account to be under the correct one by clicking on the 'edit' button above the user details.

The other thing to also check if the notification is for an observation, is whether the observation has been published in the journal. You can tell if an observation has not been published as on the observations page it will say 'not in journal' on the observation.

Please note if you are a manager and you are approving observations you will not receive an email notification for this.

For relatives it also important to check whether you have the permission enabled on your account that allows relatives to receive email notifications. To see if this is enabled you just need to go to your control panel -> user permissions -> relatives; 'Receive notifications' is the permission that will need to granted.

Once you have checked those things you can follow the flow-chart below. You can click on the image to enlarge it.




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