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How to use the Email Log feature


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The Email Log feature can be used by managers to see which emails have been sent out by Tapestry. This is useful if a parent or member of staff is not receiving their account activation, notification, or password reset by email, as you can see if the emails are being sent by the system or not, and have an indication if they arrived in the inbox of the recipient, were sent to an invalid address or were rejected by a spam filter.


Firstly you'll need to access the Tapestry control panel. Log in on the web browser version of Tapestry, click your username at the top of the screen and select Control Panel.




In the control panel you'll need to select the 'Email Log' tab from the list of tabs on the left hand side of the screen.



On the email log screen you should see a list of emails sent out by the system. It may be quite long if your account has been in use for a while, but don't worry, it's possible to filter the emails to find what you need.


1) Page filters: These work in the same way as in other areas of Tapestry. Click on the bar, and a pop up menu will appear. You can choose to filter by 'Subject' (i.e type of email, for example see only password resets or account activation emails), 'Status' (if the email was delivered successfully), 'User' (only show emails sent to a specific user) or 'Order' (oldest to newest or vice versa).

2) Email recipient: This shows which address the email was sent to, and which user that address is associated with.

3) Status: This shows what happened to the email. The types of Status are 'Delivered', 'Bounced', 'Spam Complaint' and 'Delayed'. Delivered means the email was successfully delivered, though it's still possible for it to have ended up in spam after this, so just use this as an indication rather than hard evidence of a mistake by anyone.

'Bounced' means the email could not be delivered. It's possible the address used for that account is not correct. Ask the intended recipient to double check they have provided you with the correct address, and check for minor mistakes, for example missing or added '.' in the name, and the use of .com instead of .co.uk or vice versa.

Spam complaint means that the recipient marked the email as spam. Due to anti spam regulations we have to disable emails to anyone who does this, but that can be undone once you've confirmed it was marked as spam mistakenly. It may be an indication of the email going to the wrong person due to a mix up with two similar email addresses. Make sure the one provided to you is correct.

Delayed means there was a temporary problem with delivery, this is usually due to a fault with a small email provider and not with Tapestry. The system will try again later and you should see a second record in the log to indicate if the email was delivered successfully on this attempt.

4) Number of emails to display per page: You can choose to display 24 or 48 emails per page, or display all emails on one page.


If no relatives are receiving notifications, and you've checked everyone's Notification preferences it may be that notification emails to relatives are disabled. To change this go to Settings in the control panel and make sure that the highlighted option is ticked, and press submit at the bottom of the screen:



Feel free to contact our support team if you are unsure how to resolve a problem with receiving emails.

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