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Transferring Children to a New Tapestry Account


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Tapestry allows you to copy a child's/children's profile/s from one Tapestry account to another. This means that if a child is moving up your setting, and you have different accounts for different cohorts, or if they are moving to a different setting entirely, but to one which also uses Tapestry, you are able to send across the observations that have already been made to the new account.

As well as that being a nice thing for parents (because all the observations for their child are in one place), it's a really useful thing for practitioners - it means they can see a history for the child (what sorts of things they've been doing/enjoy doing) and gives them an idea of how they've been developing.

Please note the following data cannot be transferred:

  • A child's 'All About Me'. This will have to be downloaded to PDF and given to the new setting outside of Tapestry.
  • Any information from the 'Care Diary'.


It's also important to know that when you transfer children, they will arrive in the receiving setting as 'enrolling', so they will not be active straight away and will need to be activated. This tutorial explains how to do this. 

You will also only be able to transfer children who are "active" or "inactive". Children who are "awaiting deletion" can not be transferred, so would need to be changed to "inactive" before trying to transfer them. 

The transferring process is something that needs to be followed by both the originating setting (the place where the child is moving from) and the receiving setting (the place where the child is moving to). I would advise that you complete the transfer when you are with each other or at a time when you are in immediate contact (e.g. on the phone). You both need to confirm the move a few times each so it will be a lot quicker to do it all in one go rather than checking who's turn it is whenever you each get chance.

Here are the steps you will need to take. The parts the originating setting need to do are in blue and the parts the receiving setting need to do are in pink.


1) Initiating the transfer - originating setting

When logged into the browser version of Tapestry as a manager, go to the "Control Panel" from the drop down menu that appears when you click on your name (1), then select the "Transfer Children" tab (2).





That will open a page which gives you the option to either send a transfer or receive a transfer. If you look just below that, you might see two more sections, one for the transfers that are currently in progress (if there are any), and one for the previous transfers you've made (again, if any have been completed).

As you want to start a new transfer and send children to a different account, you need to click on the blue button which says 'Send children to another setting'.




I'll go through all the options you can choose from on this page:

(1) You will need to select the child(ren) to be moved to a new setting by either choosing them from the drop down list, or by typing their names into the box . These children will all be included in just one transfer, so if you want to send children to several different settings, you will need to do several different transfers. You can have several running simultaneously though, so don't worry if you're not able to finish the first one you start straight away.

(2) You can choose whether you would like to include relatives in the transfer.

(3) You have the following options to include observations with photos,videos and documents in them, group observations, unapproved observations and finally 'staff only' observations.

(4) Choose whether you want to include manually overridden assessments, as well as the current status of the snapshots, i.e. whether they are locked or not. Please note that if the term dates for the receiving setting are different, the status will be dropped in the process, and the transferred snapshots will be modified to fit in the receiving setting's assessment periods. 

(5) The option to include any reports you have made.

(6) If you select to include reports, you will then be presented with some extra options as to what type of reports you would like included. 

(7) Once you have selected any of the options from this page you want to be transferred you then just need to press the 'start transfer' button.




You will then be presented with a list of what will be transferred (1). If you want to change what is there then click on the 'Change Transfer Options' button (2), but if you're happy with it, click on the 'Start Transfer' button (3).




That will take you back to the main 'Transfer Children' page. You should now see the transfer you just started in the 'Current Transfers' section and a little box next to it, which says 'In Progress'.




You may have to wait a little while for Tapestry to prepare what you're about to transfer, but if you refresh the page, or come back to the 'Transfer Children' page after a short time, you should see that the box next to the transfer you just started has turned blue and now says 'Requires attention'. Click on the transfer name to continue.




This will take you to a page which tells you the transfer name and the transfer key (1). Please make a note of this key and the transfer name so you can contact the receiving setting and tell them what they are. That cannot be done through Tapestry unfortunately, so you will need to do that yourself in whatever way you would like. I would suggest that you email the key and name to them so you can copy and paste them, thus leaving less chance of getting them wrong.

Underneath this you will see the recipient (2), though at the moment there isn't one! 

If you change your mind about the transfer or realise a mistake, you can cancel it (3).

Finally, you can see the contents of the transfer (4) and a timeline of events for this transfer so far (5).





2) Starting the import - receiving setting

When logged into the browser version of Tapestry as a manager, go to the 'Control Panel' from the drop down menu that appears when you click on your name (1), then select the 'Transfer Children' tab (2).





By now the setting that started the transfer should have told you the transfer name and the transfer key. You should enter those into the appropriate boxes (1) and then press 'Claim transfer'.

If you don't have those details yet, you will need to contact the originating setting to get them.

Please note that if you enter the incorrect transfer details 5 times, then you will be locked from claiming any transfer at all and you will need to wait an hour to be able to claim the transfer again. If this happens, you should confirm with the sending setting the transfer name and key once again.



Your page will then refresh and you'll see the transfer appear in your 'Current Transfers' box. You must now wait for the originating setting to complete their next step before you can continue, so check back when they have completed this.




3) Confirm the receiving setting - originating setting

If you're still on the page where you could see the transfer key, just refresh it. Otherwise go back to the transfer children page and click on the transfer's name. You should then be shown a 'Status' box which will tell you which school has claimed your transfer. If it is the correct one, click .Approve'.




You will now need to wait for the receiving setting to complete the next step.

4) Reviewing children to import - receiving setting

You will need to refresh the page, or go back to the 'Transfer Children' page if you left, and then click on the transfer name in the current transfers box.

That will reveal a blue box which says you have been approved and asks you to select the data you would like to receive.



Clicking on that button will take you to a page which lists everything that is included in the transfer.

At the top if you see a red box this means the children you are receiving have either (or both) Key Stage or Cherry Garden assessments. If you don't have either framework enabled, you can ignore this message. If you do have the framework enabled, click where it says 'contact support' or email us at customer.service@eyfs.info so we can help you as both these frameworks are configured on an individual setting basis. 

Do make sure to go through all the data on this page and check that you are happy for it to all be transferred to you (2). 

Click "Start Import" when you are happy with the data to import (3).



You will then be asked to confirm this. Click 'Receive Transfer' if you're happy with it (1) or 'Change Options' if you notice a mistake (2).




The transfer will then be queued for Tapestry to import it into your setting. This may happen within a few minutes, but if you're transferring a lot of data or it's at a very busy time of year, it can take a bit longer.


5) Process complete - originating and receiving setting

You should now both see that the transfer has moved into your 'Previous Transfers' box and there will be a little green box next to the transfer name confirming that the transfer is complete.




Final things to take note of - originating setting

A copy of the children will have now been transferred successfully to the receiving setting. If you don't need those profiles anymore (you're no longer adding to those journals, the relatives have a copy, and you've exported everything you want to keep), you can now delete them, this tutorial will talk you through how. You might also want to delete the associated relatives account, presuming they aren't connected to any other children who are staying with you. Take a look at this tutorial for instructions on how to do this.


Final things to take note of - receiving setting

Children: Do remember that when the children arrive in your account, they will be 'enrolling', meaning they won't be active yet so you won't be able to add observations, memos etc. for them yet. To activate them, take a look at this tutorial

Relatives: If you have also received the relatives to which the children are attached, then these relatives have been transferred over in a not active state and will require activation. This tutorial will guide you through managing your received relatives on Tapestry.

Observations: You will notice that observations made by staff members at the originating setting will all have an author of 'theoriginatingsetting Staff'.

You will also see that there is now an inactive PIN only staff account for that nursery. This is just because the observations need an author - the originating setting will not have access to your account.






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