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Managing your transferred relatives


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More often than not, settings include relatives when they transfer children's profiles from their setting to another one. If you have received a transfer and relatives have been sent along, please note that they will arrive in your account as 'not activated'. This means that they won’t be able to login to your account until you activate it for them, for more information you can read the 'User status' tutorial here.

This is so receiving settings can decide when to give access to relatives on their accounts; perhaps you need to go through your user permissions first, or need to make sure that the received children's baselines and first observations are correct before going live to parents. 

Let's get on with it!

There are two ways you can start the activation process for transferred relatives: from the 'Transfer Children' page or from your 'Manage Relatives' section. We'll looks at how you can manage received relatives from the 'Transfer Children' page first. To skip to the section on how to do this from the 'Manage Relatives' section, click here.

Managing received relatives from 'Transfer Children'.

Once the transfer has been completed, if relatives were transferred and claimed by you as a receiving setting, you will have to navigate to the correct transfer by going to control panel (1) > transfer children (2) > and then click on the corresponding transfer within 'previous transfers' (3).





The system will display the following message:





Click on 'Manage Received Relatives' to start the activation process. As mentioned at the beginning of the tutorial, all your transferred relatives will arrive as 'not activated', so you will have to go through a process very similar to the one you probably have gone through before when adding relatives into your account.


(1) These are the transferred relatives that you will be selecting the activation method for. This should feature all of the relatives that you received in the transfer.

(2) allows you to choose a specific way of activating their account. This will be applicable to all the users in (1). We generally recommend sending activation emails as this is done automatically and you do not have to worry about exporting additional documents to forward to users.

Send activation email: this will issue a new activation email that will be automatically send to the user's email address. It is possible that this ends up in the spam/junk mail folder, so please do let the user know you have issued an activation email for them.

Generate activation links: this option will produce a URL for you to then forward to the user. By visiting that URL, the user will be able to create a password and activate their account. 

Generate random passwords and PINs: you are also able to activate their account straight away by setting them up with a random password and PIN number. Please note that the user will not receive a confirmation email if you decide to activate their account this way. You'd have to either send them their password, or let them know that their account is now active and they can request a reset password email by clicking on 'having trouble logging in?' on www.tapestryjournal.com to gain access to their account. 

If you choose to 'generate activation links' or 'generate random passwords and PINs' you will need to save a copy of these, as once as you have moved on from this page you will not be able to get them back. 

Do tell the relatives that you have initiated their activation! It is a common mistake to believe that they will be able to log in to your account using the same details they had in the previous setting without having to go through the activation process again.

By selecting one option the corresponding action will be taken and you will leave this screen. 

Click on 'back to transfer' (3) if you are not ready to initiate the activation process for these relatives. 




If any of the relatives have unsubscribed from Tapestry or you have already added them to your account, which generates a duplicate, you might have to fix that first. Please do not worry if you don't know whether relatives have unsubscribed or have a duplicate account, the system will flag these up for you! 

You can learn how to deal with the resubscribing process here, and you can check how to fix duplicates here


Managing received relatives from 'Manage Relatives'.

To find the profile you need to retry the activation for, first of all you will have to go to control panel (1) > manage relatives (2) > and then click the 'Not Activated' button (3).






Once you have found the relative(s) you'd like to send a new activation email to, click on the cog (1) by their profile and then select 'activate' (2).





You can also select more than one relative in bulk by selecting the profiles and then choosing 'retry activation' in the drop-down menu that will pop up at the bottom of the screen. Remember to press 'Go' (3).





You will then be taken to a screen where you can choose to either send an activation email or do nothing. By leaving the default 'send email' option as it is and clicking on 'send activation emails', these will be issued to their email addresses. You will just need to let them know you have done so, so they can keep an eye on their inbox and spam/junk mail folder!





Similar to the first method, if any of the relatives have unsubscribed from Tapestry or you have already add them to your account you might have to fix that first.

You can learn how to deal with the resubscribing process here, and you can check how to fix duplicates here


And this is it! These are the two ways you have to activate those relatives that have been transferred alongside their children. 


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