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Reflections - Staff Activity Screen


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On Tapestry you can use the Reflection Staff Activity Screen to track how many reflections, and the types of reflection, staff are making on your account. 

To access this screen you just need to click on the 'Tracking' option at the top of the screen (1), select 'Reflections' from the frameworks menu (2) and then click on the 'Staff' button in the 'Activity' section (3).




Once you get to the Staff Activity page you will need to select a period of time to view (1) and you can filter down what reflections you want to contribute (e.g. by status, with comments etc.) from the 'Reflections' filters section (2). If you select options from the Reflections filters and you only want reflections that include all those criteria to contribute, you just need to tick the 'Reflections must contain all of these tags' option (3). 

From these options you can also choose whether you want to include: reflections both for specific children and not for specific children, just for specific children or just not for specific children (4). You can select to only include reflections for specific groups of children from the 'Children' filters (5). 




After making your selection above, in the chart you can then see the names of the staff members that have made reflections for the group of children you have chosen to view and that match your search criteria (1). Please note that staff who haven't made any reflections matching your filter criteria, won't show up in this list.

For these staff you can then see (taking into account your criteria) how many reflections they have created, how many they've created for their key children, with any children included, with no children included and the date of the last reflection they created (2). 

You can export this chart if you wish using the CSV and PDF buttons (3). 







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