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Setting up and using the Developmental Milestones


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Before you start assessing your children against the Developmental Milestones on Tapestry, you will need to enable them on your account.

To do this you'll need to go to the Control Panel (1), then select 'Settings' from the left-hand menu (2) and from the drop-down, choose the 'Assessments' option (3).

Remember, only managers on Tapestry have access to the Control Panel, so this will need to be done by a manager on your account. To find out more about the different types of staff on Tapestry, you can read this tutorial


frameworks 1.png



Once on the Assessments page you just need to scroll down to the find the section for the Australian frameworks. When you see the option 'Developmental Milestones', click on the 'Configure' button. 




After clicking on the 'Configure' button you will then be presented with a pop-up box where you can choose to enable the framework (1) and you also have the option to display it to relatives on your account (2).

Underneath these options, you can also select what age ranges within the Developmental Milestones you want to have enabled on your account (3). 

Once you're done, you just need to click 'Submit' (4). 




Now that you have enabled the Developmental Milestones on your account, when you go to add an observation, you will see it appear in the list of frameworks that you have enabled at the bottom of the page. 

You can add a new observation on the browser version of Tapestry by clicking on the 'Observations' tab at the top of the page (1) and then clicking on the '+ Add Observation' button (2). For more information about adding an observation on Tapestry, please see this tutorial




When adding a new observation on the browser version of Tapestry, you will find the section where you can assess the observation at the bottom of the page (1). If you've only got 1 or 2 frameworks enabled on your account then you will see this automatically open but if you have more than this, you will need to select the framework you want to assess with (2). 




Once you select the Developmental Milestones you will then be able to choose which age range you want to assess with, only the ranges you have enabled on your account will show up here (1). After you have selected an age range you will then be able to choose from the five different areas -physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language (2) and within these you will be able to assess the milestones. To do this you can select a refinement from the drop-down menu for the milestone you want to assess (3). 




Remember, in order to save an observation on Tapestry you need to add a title and children to it, once you've done this, you can save your observation from the buttons at the bottom of the page.




Now that you have the Developmental Milestones enabled on your account you will be able to start assessing your children against them. 


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