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In this tutorial we will look at how you can schedule your posts to be published at a specified time. This can be done for observations, memos, reflections or activities. The process for scheduling all of these is similar, so we will focus on observations for the purposes of this tutorial.

Please note that the ability to schedule observations is only available to managers and staff members who have permission to approve observations.

The first thing you will need to do is create a post. For more help on this you might like to see our tutorials on adding observations, adding memos and adding reflections.

You can create an observation by clicking the 'Add Observation' button at the top right of the observations page.




When creating an observation, you will see an option box on the right hand side.

Under the 'Add to journal' option select 'On the creation date (scheduled)' (1). You can then set the 'Created' option to the date you would like the observation to be published (2). If the created date is set to the past or kept at the present time then the observation will be published immediately. 




Once you have saved the observation it will be added to your observation list marked scheduled (1). The time and date under the observation will be the time date it is scheduled to be published (2).




When an observation is scheduled it will be visible to staff, but won't be visible to relatives until the scheduled date.

As the observations list is ordered chronologically, based on the dates of the observations, it is likely that the scheduled observations will be shown at the top, as the dates of these will be set to the future. Therefore you might like to set your filters to determine whether or not these are visible.

You can find your filters at the top of the observations list (1). You can add or remove scheduled observations from view by using the 'observation status' filter (2).





When you reach the scheduled date the observation will automatically be published to the child or children's journals, and will appear on your list as a published observation.

You can unschedule any scheduled post before this time by clicking the cog icon to the right of the observation's title (1) and selecting 'Unschedule' (2).




Any unscheduled observation will be sent back to being 'not in journal', so it won't be visible to relatives unless it is approved first. If you do choose to unschedule an observation it's also worth noting that the date on the observation will be set to when it would have been scheduled for, so you may want to edit the observation and change this.

Please note, if any member of staff who does not have permission to approve posts, edits a post that is scheduled, this will be cancelled and the observation will return to being 'not in journal'. Managers can receive notifications to inform them if this has happened. 

You can also schedule any observation that isn't already scheduled by clicking the cog icon and selecting 'Schedule'.




You will then be asked to enter the date and time you would like the observation to be posted. You can either type in the date and time (1) or use the calendar (2), which appears when you click the text box. Once you have entered the date you would like the observation to be scheduled for, click the 'Schedule' button (3).




You can do this for any observation, whether it is published to the child's journal, 'staff only', or 'not in journal'. However, a scheduled observation will always be published to the child's journal on the date selected, meaning it will be visible to relatives.




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