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Flags are sets of single words or phrases which you can use to categorise your observations and reflections. To learn how to enable premade flag sets on your account, take a look at this tutorial. If you want to add your own bespoke flags, take a look here.

This tutorial explains how to add flags on the browser version of Tapestry. If you want to see how to add flags on the app, please follow the appropriate tutorial below which will explain how to do this on the iOS or Android app.

  1. How to add flags on the new iOS App
  2. How to add flags on the new Android App


Once you have enabled, or added your own, flag set, if you go to add or edit an observation or reflection, you will see an option to add the flags near the bottom of the page (1).

If you have the EYFS 2021 flag set enabled you will also see a 'Reference Material' section (2).

To add a flag, just click on the appropriate flag set (3). 




If you click one of the headings a box will open which will allow you to tick the flags you would like to attach to your observation or reflection (1). You can add as many flags as you would like. If you have selected the EYFS 2021 flag set you will also see the reference material section here (2).

Once you're done, just click the cross (3) or click off the pop-up box.




After selecting a flag you will see it appear at the bottom of the 'Flags' section. If you need to remove a flag, just click on the 'x' next to the flag.




Once you've saved your observation or reflection, if you then go back to the main Observations or Reflections page (here we'll be using the Observations page) and click the Flags tab (1) you will be able to search by flag set (2), area (3), and aspect if you have Birth to 5 Matters enabled. Any observations or reflections containing those flags will then show up below (4).






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