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It's possible to view a list of your recorded accidents using our accidents tracking page. We'll start by looking at how to access and use this page. To skip to the section of downloading accident forms to PDF click here.


Viewing accidents

You can track your accidents by clicking the 'Tracking' tab at the top of the page (1), selecting 'Accidents'(2) then clicking the 'Overview' button (3).



At the top of the page you will be able to set a date range (1) and apply an filters (2). Your filters will allow you to search for accidents relating to specific children or groups of children. Once you have set your dates, click 'Submit' (3).



You should then see a list of your accidents within the date range you have selected.

This will show you a simple overview of your accidents which includes: what led to the incident, the first aid administered, the time of the accident, the time it was signed off, who approved it and who signed it off.




Exporting accidents

At the top right of the list you will see two options for exporting your accidents for download. You can either export your accident forms or download the accident overview.



Selecting the 'Download Overview' option will create a PDF copy of the accident tracking screen you are viewing, so you will be provided with a printable list for the accidents within the date range you have selected, and according to any filters you have set.

Selecting 'Export Accident Forms', on the other hand, will allow you to download a separate PDF file for each child containing their accident forms.

If you select this option you will be taken to a screen that will allow you to select which children's accident forms you would like to export (1), and a date range (2). By default any children you were viewing on the accident tracking screen will be selected, but you can add or remove children as necessary.

The date range will be set from the first recorded accident to the present, but this can also be changed. You can also select the order you would like accidents to appear in your download - either latest to earliest, or earliest to latest (3). Once you are ready click the 'Download PDF' button' (4).



Depending on the amount of data to be exported, the files can take a moment before they are ready to download. You can download the files either by clicking the 'View your Downloads' button on the next page (1) or by clicking your name in the top right (2) and selecting 'Your Downloads' (3).





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