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How to change a staff type on Tapestry


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There are three different types of staff member on Tapestry, these are:

Manager: They can do everything on an account and have access to the Control Panel where you can add children, staff and relatives. This is also where you can adjust all the different settings on Tapestry.

Staff full member: They are set up with an email address and password so can login to Tapestry wherever. What they can see and do on an account can be controlled by a manager, this tutorial will show you how. 

Staff PIN-only: They are only set up with a 4-digit PIN so can only login to a device if a manager or full member of staff logins in first and then switches user. This staff type was designed for situations where managers don’t want their staff logging in to Tapestry from home. What they can see and do on an account can be controlled by a manager this tutorial will show you how.


If you want to change a staff member from one type to another, you just need to click on your name in the top right-hand corner (1) and select 'Control Panel' (2). From there, go to 'Manage Staff' (3) from the left-hand menu and click on ‘Edit’ (4) for the staff member you want to change the type for.




On the next page you need to click on the ‘Type’ drop-down (1) and then choose the staff type you want to change them to (2).




Please note, if you are changing a staff member's type from PIN-only to full staff or manager, you will also need to enter an email address (1) and password (2) for them to login with. Staff can change their password later if they choose by following this tutorial




When you're done, just remember to scroll to the bottom of the page to press save. Then, you're done! 




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