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'Restricted' Reflections


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When you add a reflection, you are given the option to mark it as 'Restricted'. This makes your reflection visible only to managers on Tapestry or to any member of staff you choose to share it with. You can read more about adding a reflection and the different status options in this tutorial

You may wish to make your reflection 'restricted' if, for example, you are reflecting in preparation for an appraisal, or if you are a new member of staff and you would like to reflect on your experiences and share these with your mentor.  You may be keeping a reflective journal on your teaching and learning and therefore this is for your use only (remember managers can view all reflections). 

When you share a restricted reflection, it is made visible to the other staff member you have chosen to share it with. They will be able to comment on the reflection, but they won't be able to edit it or change its status (unless they are a manager on Tapestry). 

Once you have completed a reflection, to mark it as 'restricted' you will need to click on the 'Status' drop-down (1) and select the option 'Restricted'. A new section called 'Share Restricted Reflection' (2) will then appear on the Reflections page. This allows you to choose any other staff members you would like to share this reflection with. Just start typing the name of the staff member and select it from the list and they will be added below (3). Only the staff members you choose here, and managers, will be able to see your reflection. To un-share them you can click on the red 'X' (4). This means they will no longer be able to view the restricted reflection. 





Don't forget to save your reflection with the blue 'Save reflection' button at the top and bottom of the Reflections page. 

If you wish to make any changes to the status of your reflection after you have saved it, or if you would like to change or add who you are sharing it with, you can do so from the main Reflections page by clicking on the cog button (1) and 'Share' (2). A window will appear giving you the options to un-share or add staff members. There is also a blue icon showing how many members of staff the reflection has been shared with (3). Clicking on this will open the same window, allowing you to un-share or add staff members. 




So that's how you can manage who can view your reflections! 



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