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As part of the Activities feature, the Tapestry team have compiled a few activities that may be of interest to you. These can be added your own area - 'Our Activities Collection', which you can find out more about here, and used as a planned activity for the children, which we go into more detail about here.  

Please note that this section of Activities is only accessible to staff and not to relatives. 

To access these, you will need to log in to your Tapestry account from the browser, and then select 'Activities' (1) from the menu at the top and ensure that you are on 'Tapestry's Activities Catalogue' (2).   




If you are looking for a specific category for your activity, you can choose from the 'Category' section (3). This will give you the option to search for "All", "Early Years Foundation Stage", "Special Educational Needs", "Key Stage 1" or "Key Stage 2"

Depending on the Category chosen, you will then be given a few other options.

  • For Early Years Foundation Stage, you can first choose the EYFS Area from "Any", "Personal, Social and Emotional Development", "Communication and Language" or "Physical Development". You will then be given the choice of the following Stage - "Any", "Birth to 3", "Preschool" or "Reception". 
  • For Special Educational Needs, you can choose a SEND Subject from "Any", "Physical Development", "Personal, Social and Emotional Development", "Cognition" or "Communication". 
  • For Key Stage 1, you can first choose the Key Stage 1 Subject from "Any", "Maths" or "English". You will then be given the choice of the following Year Group - "Any", "Year 1" or "Year 2".
  • For Key Stage 2, you can first choose the Key Stage 2 Subject from "Any", "Maths" or "English". You will then be given the choice of the following Year Group - "Any", "Year 3", "Year 4", "Year 5" or "Year 6".




To view an Activity, select it and it will take you to the Activities page. From here, you can view any attached media (1), documents (2), and read the notes (3) that accompany the Activity. 

The Categories (4) indicate the area that Activity has been tagged in and also relates to the Category chosen previously. 




Once you have decided that you would like to use the Activity, you can choose one of two "Actions". (5) 

The first option is "Save to Our Activities Collection". This will take the Activity and place it in to the "Our Activities Collection" which we will go into more detail here. Please note if you are a staff member, your ability to do this might be restricted by your setting's user permissions. This tutorial explains the staff user permissions on Tapestry. 

The second option is "Use this in a Planned Activity". This will take the Activity and place it in to the "Planned Activity" section which we will go into more detail here. You can also select the "Use this in a Planned Activity" button (6) for the same thing. 


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