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Reactivating an inactive/deleted child

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If you cannot find a child on your Tapestry account, the most likely explanation is that they have accidentally been deleted or have been made inactive.
This tutorial will show you how to reactivate them.
The first step is to go to 'Control Panel' in the drop down list under your name.
Next go to (1) 'Manage Children', then choose (2) 'Inactive' from the 'Filter & Sort Children' list (get it to drop down by clicking on the button under the 'Add Child' button) and press (3) 'Submit'. It is important that you do step 3 - the page will not update automatically.

You will now be able to see a list of your inactive children. You then just need to scroll through and see if the child you are missing is there.
If so, you can click on the cog by their name (1) and select 'Make [child's name] active' (2).

If you have several children you want to make active again you can do this by selecting the tick boxes at the end of the row of the children's names (1) and then from the pop-up box in the bottom right-hand corner select 'Make active' from the list (2) and press 'Go' (3)
After you have done this you will then be able to see them in the 'Active Children' list and continue using them as normal.
If however, they are not there, or if you know you have accidentally deleted them, you will need to choose the 'Awaiting deletion' option in the drop-down page filters list and press 'Submit'.
Once you have scrolled through this list and found the child in question, again, here you can either restore an individual child by clicking on the cog button at the end of the row of their name or you can restore several children by selecting them from the tick boxes and then from the pop-up box in the bottom right-hand corner selecting 'Make active'. Below you can see how to do this for an individual child.

It is important to remember you can only restore deleted children for up to 90 days after they have been deleted.

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