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Bulk Export of Pictures and Videos from Observations


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You can collate and export all media (photos, videos and other attached files) from all observations of a child in bulk! These can be set to be downloadable for staff and/or relatives as ZIP files.

(1) You can start this process by going to your 'Control Panel' on Tapestry and clicking on the 'Manage Children' tab.

(2) From here, you can either bulk export media for one child or several/all children on your account. To export media for one child, locate the name of the child you wish to download media for and click on the cog icon along the line their name.

(3) From here select 'bulk export media'.




Alternatively, if you want to export media for multiple children:

(1) Select the children you'd like to export the media for manually by ticking the box next to their names.

(2) Alternatively, to select all children on that page, use the 'Select Items: All' option at the top. Note that the default number of children per page is 20. If you have more children than this, then you can change the number per page from the drop-down box (A).

(3) Choose 'Bulk export photos and videos' from the pop-up options box.

(4) Press 'Go'.




You can also use the filters to search for groups, e.g. Penguin Class, so you can export journals for specific groups of children. For that, you'll need to be on the 'All' children list and then click on 'filter & sort' at the very top and then change the filters accordingly. You will be able to both filter by group (1) and also status (2). Press submit (3) when ready.




Once you have pressed 'Go' you will be taken to the following page:




(1) Shows you the name of the child(ren) you are exporting the media for.

(2) Selecting this option allows staff members who have access to the child's profile to download the ZIP file of all media for that child.

Staff copies include media from group observations that may be hidden from relatives and can optionally include media from staff only observations, and from observations not in a child's journal

(3) Selecting this option allows relatives who have access to the child's profile to download the ZIP file of all media for that child.

Relative copies include media from journal observations and relative observations relating to the child. If you have prevented relatives from seeing pictures and videos on group observations then they will not be included.

(4) If you select 'Relatives' as the recipient of the media, you can either export the media for them and share it with them by email, CD or USB. Or alternatively you can allow the relatives to download their own copy directly from their own profiles when they log in.




(5) You select either photos, videos documents or audio, or all, to be included in your export.

(6) and (7) If you wish to export media from observations that start from a specific date and end at a specific date, you can enter the dates in these fields. If left blank, all media from all observations (from the earliest date to the latest date) will be included in the export.

(8) If this option is ticked, staff copies of the exports will include media from observations that are not in the child's journal.

(9) If this option is ticked, staff copies of the exports will include media from 'staff only' observations

(10) This field has been preset so that when the journal is exported, it has specific file name. You can also edit this field to name the file as you wish.

(11) Click on 'Start Bulk Export' for the ZIP file to be generated and you will then be directed to the page below.




(1) If you click on 'View your downloads' you will be directed to the (2) 'Downloads' tab in your Control Panel menu.

Here you will see an updated screen which includes tabs for PDF journal downloads and for bulk media exports as follows:




(1) Previously named 'PDF downloads', this has been renamed to 'Downloads' as this page now lists all downloads (journals and media exports).

(2) Filters: These filters will allow you to search your downloads by:

- Download type (journal, media or accident form),

- who created the download,

- who was it created for (staff, relatives, and specific users), 

- download status (downloaded by recipient, not downloaded by recipient, downloaded by staff, not downloaded by staff)

- order

(3) By selecting 'some' or 'all' of the exports on each tab, a pop up box (4) will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the page where you can change the permissions for the recipient. You can disable or enable the recipients (staff and/or relatives) to download the journals and/or ZIP files of the bulk export of media as required.

(5) The permission will change here from 'can download' to 'cannot download'..

You can find more information about how to generate journals to PDF at this tutorial.


Please feel free to send in any support requests to customer.service@eyfs.info if you require any further assistance. 




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