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How to use the Montessori curriculum on the app (iOS)

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The Montessori Curriculum is now available to access via the Tapestry app!


Update your app to the latest version via the app store on your device and you are ready to go!


Starting the Observation


Screen 1: Title and Observation




(1) Begin by selecting the child/children you would like to compose an observation for.

(2) Next tap on the 'Notes' icon.

(3) Give your observation a title.

(4) Type in any notes for the observation.

(5) Then tap on the 'Assessments' icon.


You will then be taken to the following and subsequent screens:


Screen 2 & 3: Montessori Picker and Activities



(1) You can then select the Montessori curriculum from the assessment pickers enabled on your Tapestry account.

(2) Tap on the area/sub area that is relevant to your observation and you will be presented with the next screen.

(3) On this screen you can select from the list of activities and select refinements and variants (if applicable).

(4) If you tap on the i%20icon.PNG icon, the descriptor of the activity will pop up (see image below).




Selecting Variants and Refinements


You can then proceed to select refinements and variants as required. Note: Refinements will be automatically listed under the activity title if there are no variants to select from.


After tapping on 'Refinements' (3. on Screen 2 & 3: Montessori Picker and Activities), you can select a refinement for the activity first (if not then Tapestry will select the first refinement from the list of options by default).


(1) A tick will appear next to the refinement selected and then tap on 'back'.

(2) You will see a number 1 appear after 'Refinements' indicating that you have selected one.

(3) Now tap on 'Variants' to be presented with a list of variants for the activity.


Screen 4: Refinements



(4) Select the variants as required (see image below) and tap 'back' again.

(5) The number 3 will appear after 'Variants' indicating that 3 variants have been selected.

(6) Now tap on 'Save' and you will be taken back to the main assessment picker screen.


Screen 5: Variants



Linking observation to other assessments e.g. EYFS


(1) On the main screen (see image below) you will see the number 4 appear next to the sub heading - in this case- 'Introductory activities for writing' as 4 selections have been made within this sub area.


On the web version of Tapestry, automatic EYFS links have been enabled (see this tutorial) however this feature is not yet available on the app. Therefore you can manually link the observation to EYFS, ECAT, EYLF, Leuven assessment frameworks and so forth (2).


Screen 6: EYFS Picker





After clicking on the EYFS assessment picker (in this example) you will be presented with the following screen:


Screen 7: EYFS Areas and Aspects





Tap on the aspect you wish to record an assessment for (in this example 'Reading') and you will be presented with the following screen:


Screen 8: EYFS Age bands, statements & refinements




(1) You can select a refinement (optional).

(2) Scroll to the applicable age band and tap on the statement you wish to link to the observation.

(3) Tap 'save'.


Attaching Media


You then have the option to attach media (photos and/or videos) to the observation as follows:


(1) Tap on the 'Media' icon.

(2) Attach media by either taking a live photo, capturing a live video or selecting a photo/video that is already in the library on your device.


Screen 9: Attaching media




Completed Observation


After you have attached any media required and you tap 'save' in the top right hand corner of the screen, you will be given the option to either 'save observation' or 'publish now' (if you have the permission to add your own observations to the journal).


After you have selected from the above two options your observation will be complete (see image below).






You then have the ability (according to staff permissions set) to;

-Add a comment

-Like the observation

-Unapprove & Hide Obs

-Edit Obs

-Delete Obs


If the observation is published, relatives then have the ability to;

-Add a comment
-Like the observation


Or alternatively, if you've completed the observation, you can leave the Tapestry app or go back to the obs list and add another!

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