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How to use the Montessori curriculum on the app


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This tutorial will talk you through how to use the Montessori curriculum on the Tapestry app. The screenshots I will use throughout have been taken using the new iOS app, but the process will be the same for the Android app.

The new iOS and Android apps are separate apps to the original one, so you will need to download them from the App/Play store. The articles linked below will explain how to do this for each app and also mention some of the exciting new features available on them.

New Android app

New iOS App

Now let's look at how to add Montessori assessments in an observation on the app.


Once you have logged in to the app you just need to click on the '+' button at the top of the screen to add an observation. 





To then add an assessment to the observation you need to select the 'Pick assessments' option.



You will then be presented with a list of assessment frameworks that you have enabled on your account. You just need to select 'Montessori'. 


image3 (1).png

Once you do this, you will see all the different areas and sub-areas, you just need to select the sub-area you want to assess with. 


image4 (1).png


You can then select the activity the child has completed. 


image5 (1).png


After selecting an activity you can then include any refinements (1) and variants (2) if applicable.

A feature you may find helpful when adding assessments, is the ability to favourite an assessment picker, area, sub-area and activity. To do this you just need to tap on the star button in the top right-hand corner (3). 


image6 (2).png


Any assessment frameworks/areas/sub-areas/activities that you have favourited will then appear at the top of the assessments screen. 


image8 (4).png

On the activities screen, if you tap on the i%20icon.PNG icon, the descriptor of the activity will pop up (see image below). After you've read through it, you just need to select 'Done'. 


image7 (1).png


If you have favourited an assessment the star icon will then show up as orange (1) and any refinements (2) or variants (3) that you have included will show up as highlighted and they will have a tick next to them. 




If you then go back to the screen for that sub-area, you will see the activity we chose is highlighted and at the end of the row you can see the number of refinements or variants have been added for it. 




Linking observation to other assessments e.g. EYFS

On the web version of Tapestry, automatic EYFS links have been enabled (see this tutorial) however this feature is not yet available on the app. Therefore you can manually link the observation to EYFS, ECAT, EYLF, Leuven assessment frameworks and so forth.

To do this you need to go back to the main assessments screen. Here you will see how many Montessori assessments you have added (1) and to assess with another framework you just need to select that from the list (2).

I'm going to choose EYFS for this tutorial. 



After clicking on the EYFS assessment picker (in this example) you will be presented with all the different areas and aspects of learning. You just need to select the aspect you want to assess with. 




After tapping on the aspect you wish to record an assessment for (in this example 'Reading'), you will need to select which age band you want to assess with.   




You can then choose a refinement, if you have these enabled (1) and you can also include any statements that you would like to (2). 




After assessing your observation you can (if you haven't already), added a title, children, notes and media to it. This tutorial goes over the process of adding an observation for you in more depth.

Once you have saved your observation you will see your Montessori assessments that have been included (1) as well as any additional frameworks you have included (2). 




So, that's how to assess with the Montessori framework on the app. I hope you found this tutorial helpful! 




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