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Tapestry CPD: How to unsubscribe or change CPD email preferences


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In this guide we'll show you how to adjust your Tapestry CPD notifications to suit your personal preference. You can choose what you are notified about and whether you are notified via website notifications, email notifications or both.

It's worth bearing in mind before we start that Tapestry CPD notifications are completely separate to your notifications settings for Tapestry if you have a Tapestry account. Please see this guide to change your Tapestry notification preferences.

To start with, sign in to Tapestry CPD at https://cpd.tapestry.info, or by signing into Tapestry and clicking the 'CPD' button in the blue bar at the top of the screen.




Once you have the CPD site open, click on your name or avatar picture in the top right hand corner to open the drop down menu:




In the drop down menu select 'Preferences'





You'll then see a list of preferences appear on the left hand side of the screen. Select 'Notification preferences' from the list:




On the notification preferences screen all the options save automatically after you make changes.

You can disable all types of Tapestry CPD Notification by ticking the 'Disable Notifications' option (1)

Notifications delivered through the website (Web) are controlled in the first column on the right (2) and notifications delivered via email (Email) are controlled via the second column on the right (3).




Click directly on 'Off' in the appropriate column to turn a notification 'On' and click directly on 'On' to change a notification to 'Off'.





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