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Reflections User Permissions for Staff


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The User Permissions allow you to decide what staff members can do in Tapestry Reflections.

To set these permissions, you’ll need to go to the Control Panel (1) and choose ‘User Permissions’ from the menu (2). Once selected, make sure that you are on the permissions page for staff members (3). 




You'll just need to scroll down to the section headed 'Reflections'. 

Here you will see a list of permissions. You can make changes to these by clicking on 'Edit'. 




A pop-up will then appear. From here you can set the default as 'permitted' or 'not permitted' (1). You can set different permissions for different staff members (2) and you’ll see a list of those staff members and how you can set their permission (3). Once you are happy, just click ‘Save’ (4). 




If you have selected the default as 'not permitted' followed by 'set different permissions for some users' and then chosen specific staff members to be permitted, when you return to the Reflections permissions section you will see the main permission is 'not permitted' (1) and below there will be the staff members who are permitted (2). In red you will see confirmation that all other staff members are not permitted (3). 




Each permission is followed by a short explanation. You can return to this page and make any changes to the permissions to suit your setting whenever you need to. 




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