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Custom reports: draft templates


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In this tutorial we'll look at managing draft custom report templates and saving new templates as drafts using the Custom Reports feature. If you want to look at creating a custom report template in more detail please see this guide here.

Whether you want to create a new custom report template and save it as a draft, or access a previously saved draft, start on the main screen of Tapestry and click the 'Reports' tab at the top of the screen (1).

On the Reports tab select 'Manage Custom Templates' under your reports section (2). It's worth noting that drafts will not show up in the reports section, you'll only see templates you have made them active.






If you have any Active Custom Templates or Draft Custom Templates these will appear on the following screen. To create a new custom template, click the 'Add a Custom Template' button (1).

Below this you will find the list of Draft Custom Templates. In this case we have one existing draft on the system called 'New Custom Report Template'. The options for this draft (2) are to Edit the draft to make further changes, Make Active when the draft is ready to be used as a template and Delete if you want to remove the draft from Tapestry. Please note that you cannot edit templates again after you make them Active and it's not possible to recover deleted draft templates so please only select these options when you are ready to do so.

Underneath the Drafts you'll find the Active Custom Templates. These are Custom Templates that are Active on Tapestry and available for your staff to use when writing reports. The options you have (3) are to Duplicate to Draft and Delete. Duplicate to Draft is used to make a copy of the Custom Template in the drafts section. To avoid affecting reports that have already been written it's not possible to edit a Active Custom Template, but you can make a copy in drafts and edit that version with the required changes, and your staff can use that version going forward rather than amending the existing template.

If you no longer want a Custom Template to be available to staff you can delete it, though if you just want to disable it rather than totally remove it from Tapestry you might want to copy it to draft first, then delete the active version.


Step 3.jpg


When adding a new report template you will be given the option to save it as a draft rather than activating it immediately. This can be helpful if you are planning to edit the template further before making it active. If you are adding a template and exit without saving, your work will also be kept as a draft, from the last time it saved automatically.





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