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Viewing, editing and deleting an entry on the Android app


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The Care Diary has now been added to the Android app! Please note that you will need to be using the latest version of the Tapestry app to access the Care Diary- version 4.2.0. 

In this tutorial we will look at viewing, editing and deleting entries from the Care Diary, as well as permitting access and notifying relatives of these entries. 


Quick links:


To begin, log into the Tapestry app on your device and select the Care Diary option at the bottom of the screen.





Viewing your Care Diary entries

Once on the Care Diary screen, you will see your list of children. To see the list of entries for a child, select the 'Entries' option (1). If you are looking for an active Accident report (an accident that needs approving by a manager or an accident that's not yet marked as discussed), you can instead use the 'Accidents' option at the top of the screen (2).

To see more information on how to record accidents on the Android app, please see this tutorial here. Next to the 'Accidents button', you will also see the 'Drafts' option; for help on how to view, edit, delete and publish your drafts, please look at this tutorial.




The entries screen will show you all the entries made on a particular day. You can use the calendar option to change the day you are viewing; you can either use the arrows to go between immediate days (1) or you can tap the date itself (2) to see a calendar pop up (3).




If there are multiple entries on the child entry screen, these will be grouped by type (Meal, Toileting, Sleep Check etc.) and may have different coloured titles:

  • Red titled entries have not been permitted for relative access. (1)
  • Green titled entries have have been approved for relative access. (2)
  • Blue titled entries have been approved for relative access and the relatives have been notified. (3)





Permitting relative access and notifying relatives

If you want relatives to be able to view Care Diary entries, then you will first need to permit them access. You can do this using the 'Permit' button at the top of a particular child's entry screen (1), above the listed entries. Permitting access will allow that child's relative(s) to see the entries made by staff when they go into the Care Diary on Tapestry.

Entries that have been permitted for relatives will appear in green.

If you want to notify relatives as well, you can do so using the 'Notify relative' button, again at the top of the screen (2). When selected, this will send a notification using the relative's preferred method (internal notification, immediate email, daily email etc.), which will contain a link to the Care Diary entry. Note: the Care Diary is only available for staff on the app at this time. The link in the notification email will take them to the browser, where they can log in and view the entries made.

Entries that have been permitted for relatives and have had notifications sent out to relatives will appear in blue.




If a relative is not receiving notifications at all, then do take a look at these tutorials:

  1. Not receiving email notifications
  2. What to do if a user isn't receiving push notifications



Editing and deleting entries

To change or remove any of these entries, you can select either the 'Edit' (1) or 'Delete' (2) option under the entry.




If you choose the 'Edit' option, you will be taken to the Update Entry screen, where you can make changes to your existing entry - just remember to tap 'Save' when you're done. 




Note: you won't be able to change the date of an entry. If you need to change the date, you will need to delete the entry using the second option above and add the entry to the correct date.

If you choose the 'Delete' option, a pop-up will appear asking if you're sure you want to delete. Select 'OK' (1) to continue with deleting the entry, or you can select 'CANCEL' (2) to return to the Entries screen without removing the entry.




We hope you found this helpful! If you have any questions please get in touch at customer.service@eyfs.info.



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