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Adding an accident on the Android app


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In this tutorial we're going to cover how to add an accident entry, how managers can approve accidents and finally how accidents can be marked as discussed. 

You can use the links below to skip to the different sections of the tutorial:

Adding an accident entry

Approving an accident and marking it as discussed

To access the Care Diary on the app you will firstly need to make sure you using the most up to date version of the Android app (4.2.0). You can check which version of the Android app you are on by going to the app login screen, at the bottom you should see some writing at the bottom that starts 'Version...'. You'll need to make sure the version number you are on is 4.2.0.

You will also need to make sure you have the Care Diary enabled on your account, this tutorial talks you through how to do this. 

Once you have done both of these things, you'll see the Care Diary icon at the bottom of the screen. If you just have Accidents enabled instead you will see the same icon but it will say 'Accidents'. This tutorial talks you through how to enable Accidents only. 




Adding a Care Diary Entry

To add an entry for a child or children, tap on their profile icons along the left-hand side (1). Once they are selected a blue tick will appear by their profile photo. 

After selecting a child or children, a pop-up will appear at the bottom of the screen. From there tap on '+ Add Entry' (2). 




After doing this a menu will appear, from there choose 'Add Accident'. 




You'll now be on the screen where you can add the accident entry. Here you can:

  1. Alter the date/time of the accident.
  2. Input the details of the accident - what happened, what first aid was administered, who the first aiders were and any additional information.
  3. See the child or children the accident entry is for.
  4. Add or remove any children.
  5. Add or change any details of the entry for an individual child.
  6. Save the entry.




Once you have added an accident entry you will see the number of accidents pending approval or to be marked as discussed at the top change. 





Approving an accident and marking it as discussed

Accidents created by staff will need approval before they can be marked as discussed. If there are any accident entries that have been created by staff, these will appear for a manager at the top of the 'Accidents requiring further action' page in the 'Accidents requiring approval' section (1).

Accidents created by managers, or ones that have been approved by a manager, will appear in the 'Accidents requiring a discussion with child's carer' section (2). 




For managers to approve an accident entry they just need to tap on a particular entry. Here they will be able to see details of the accident (A). They then need to select 'Approve' in the top right-hand corner (B). 




Once an accident has been approved by a manager, or if it was an accident created by a manager, it will then need to be marked as discussed to allow parents to see it. 

To do this a staff member needs to tap on an accident in the 'Accidents requiring a discussion with child's carer' section (2). Here you can again review the accident details (C). The option to mark it as discussed is then in the top right-hand corner (D). 




You will then be asked how a signature of the accident will be collected. You can either collect a hardcopy yourself (1) or a digital signature through Tapestry (2). 



Selecting the 'hardcopy will be signed' option will bring up another pop-up box where you can enter the signee name (A) and then either submit (B) or cancel (C). Submitting this will mark the accident as discussed.



If you choose to collect a digital signature you will need to enter the signee name (E) and then tap into the 'Signature' box (F). 




Tapping into the signature box will take you to another screen, and will open horizontally on your device, where the parent can enter their signature (G). Then you can either cancel this if it needs to be redone (H) or save it (I). 




After saving the digital signature you will see the signee name and signature box filled in (J) and you can either cancel (K) or submit it (L). Submitting this will mark the accident as discussed. 




You can go and view an accident entry at any point by selecting the entries for that child and if necessary changing the date at the top (1). 

This will show you all the entries for a child for the day you are viewing. The entry type of each one is shown at the top of the entry (2). Here you can also edit (3) and delete (4) each entry.

For more information about viewing a Care Diary entry on the Android app, please see this tutorial.






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