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Draft Care Diary entries on the Android app


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In this tutorial we will look at how to add, edit, delete and publish draft Care Diary entries using the Android Tapestry app. Using drafts can be helpful if you would like to start an entry, then finish it later, or if you would like to write an entry, but publish it later.

It's worth noting that drafts are local to both the user and the device they were created on. So if you sign into your account in a different device your drafts will not appear. Similarly, if a different user signs in on the device you used to create a draft entry, this will not be visible to them.

There are two ways you can add Care Diary entries.

The first way is to open the Care Diary (1) then go to a child's entries (2).




You will then need to select 'Add Entry' (1) and choose the type of entry you would like to create (2).




The second way to add an entry from the Care Diary screen is to tap the portrait(s) (1) of any children you would like to add an entry for, or press 'Select All' (2) to add an entry for all children, then select 'Add Entry' (3).




You will then just need to select the type of entry you would like to add.




To save your entry as a draft, click 'Save Draft' at the top of the page. Bear in mind that if you don't have any children attached to your entry it won't be possible to publish it, so you will need to save it as a draft.




You should then be able to view your draft by either going back to the child's entries (1) of by clicking the 'Draft' button (2) on the main Care Diary page.




You will then have the option to edit (1) or delete (2) your draft entry.




To publish your entry you will need to select to edit it, then once you have completed it, click 'Save' in the top right.




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