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Setting relative user permissions for reports


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Here we'll take a look at how to set your user permissions for reports for relatives.

Before we get to this, it's worth noting that relatives are unable to see 'Draft' reports or 'Staff Only' reports.

You can change the status of a report by going to the 'Reports' tab (1), and clicking the cog icon (2) to the right of the report's title. To allow relatives to view a report you will need to set this to 'Published' (3).




This means the permissions you set for relatives will only affect their ability to interact with published reports.

You can access your user permissions by going to the Control Panel (1), then to User Permissions (2). From the User Permissions page you can then click the Relatives tab (3) and select the Reports heading (4).


up report 2.png


You will then see a short list of options, each with the words either 'Permitted' or 'Not Permitted' next to them, depending on whether or not these are currently enabled for relatives.




The first two options determine whether relatives are able to comment on published reports and whether they are able to like reports and comments. It is worth noting that relatives will not be able to like or comment on reports that are locked.

The third option determines whether relatives are able to download any pictures, videos or documents attached to reports. If this option is disabled relatives will still be able to download the report to PDF. If it is enabled a cog icon will appear next to the report's title with a download media option. They will also be able to download any attached files when the access the report.




You can change any option from 'permitted' to 'not permitted' and vice versa by clicking the 'Edit' button (1) and then selecting whether or not you would like this to be permitted under the 'Default for Relatives' heading (2).




If you would like certain permissions to be enabled or disabled for some relatives but not all of them, you can choose to set individual permissions. You can do this by ticking the box labelled 'Set different permissions for some users' (1). You'll then be given a list of all of the relatives on your Tapestry subscription with three boxes next to each, which will allow you to select whether this option is permitted or not permitted for each individual user, or whether their account will follow the default permission (2).




You might also like to check out our tutorial on how to set staff user permissions for reports.


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