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Reactivating inactive or deleted staff members

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This tutorial covers restoring staff accounts that are 'Inactive' or 'Deleted' on Tapestry.


We’ll start by looking at how to reactivate inactive staff members but if you know the staff member you are looking to restore has been deleted scroll down to the section titled Restoring a deleted staff member.


Restoring an 'Inactive' staff account


To restore a staff account which is 'Inactive' on Tapestry you need to login to the web browser version at https://tapestryjournal.com/ then click your name in the top right, and use the drop down list to access the Tapestry control panel.




Select 'Manage Staff' in the control panel and then find your inactive staff member in the list of staff (1), then click the cog icon by their name and select 'Make Active' to reactivate them (2). If the list of staff is quite long, you may want to adjust your page filters (3) to only show 'Inactive' staff members. If you use this filter make sure to reset it to normal when you are finished.





Restoring a deleted staff member

After you have selected to delete a staff account their user status will be set to ‘Awaiting Deletion’ for 90 days. During these 90 days they can still be restored, but after that they will automatically move into the status of ‘Being Deleted’. At that point they cannot be restored by a manager on Tapestry and you will not be able to find them by using your filters in the manage staff section of the control panel.


You may search for staff accounts awaiting deletion by changing the page filter for status on the manage staff page to ‘Awaiting Deletion.

Next to each staff account there will be a countdown as indicated by (1) of how long you have remaining to restore the staff account.

You will be able to restore the staff account by clicking on the cog icon next to the staff members name and selecting "Make active" to restore their account as active (2) or “Make inactive” to restore their account as inactive (3).


When choosing to restore as active, you will be directed to the page shown in the screenshot below where you can confirm the restoration to active. If you restore the staff account to active, they will be able to log into Tapestry again.



If choosing to restore the staff account as inactive, you will be directed to a similar page, as shown below, where you can confirm the restoration to inactive. If you do this, they will not be able to login to Tapestry so if you do want them to at some point, you will need to activate their account then.


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