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In this tutorial we will look at the Best Fit tracking screen for the Cherry Garden Bridging framework. It's worth bearing in mind that to use the Best Fit screen you will need to have the Cherry Garden Bridging framework enabled on your account. You can find our tutorial on how to enable the Cherry Garden Bridging framework here.

The Best Fit screen will allow you to see what percentage of each branch a child has completed, based on the statements and refinements you have used in your observations.

Before we do so, you may want to set your Best Fit Threshold. This is the percentage at which a branch will be considered complete for a child. Once a child has reached their Best Fit Threshold for branch 11 in a strand, the Best Fit screen will update to show their completion for branch 12 in that strand instead.

By default the Best Fit Threshold will be set to 80%, but you can adjust this by going to the Control Panel (1) > Settings (2) > Assessments (3), clicking the 'Configure' button next to the Cherry Garden Bridging Framework (4) and editing the percentage (5).





To access the Best Fit screen you will need to go to Tracking (1) > Cherry Garden Bridging (2), then click the 'Individual View' button under 'Best Fit' (3).




You will then need to select a child (1) and a year (2).




The child's scores will then show up on a table below, which shows each area (1), strand (2), branch (3) and completion percentage (4).

The completion score is based on the number of statements the child has been assessed with and which refinements. The score will go up whenever a child is assessed and a new statement is selected, or if a statement is selected with a higher refinement than a previous assessment. So, for example if a child has had all of the statements for a particular strand a branch ticked, and the highest refinements for each, they would have 100% completion for that strand and branch.

As mentioned above, once your best fit threshold has been reached for branch 11, the child will progress onto branch 12 for that strand. Please note that Geometry will begin on branch 12 and does not include branch 11 assessments.

This score takes into account all of your observations throughout the year, so you won't need to tick all of the statements on a single observation.



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