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Snapshots for SEND: Summative assessment screen

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This tutorial will take you through how to access the summative assessment screen for SEND assessments and how figures are calculated for the screens. 

Accessing the Screen

(1) When you log into Tapestry (on a browser), you will be able to access the Tracking tab at the top of the screen.

(2) Click on 'Tracking' and select 'SEND' from the menu of assessment pickers available (only pickers that have been enabled via the control panel will be available in this menu).

(3) Click on 'Summative Assessment' individual view. 

SEND 1.jpg

Summative Assessment Screen

(1) Once you have accessed the screen, you can select the Year and Period you wish to view data for. 

(2) You can then select the child you wish to access the assessments for. Only children who have been selected for SEND assessments on Tapestry will appear in this list. This can be done via the control panel on Tapestry by editing the child's profile.

(3) The areas of learning will appear in a list and will be separated by aspect

(4) You will have the option to export the data as a PDF

SEND year period.jpg

SEND 2.jpg

How the figures as calculated

(1) The Stage/s in which assessments have been added for the child in each aspect appears in this column. 

(2) The Proportion of Statements (out of the maximum number of statements in that stage) that have been selected per stage appear in this column.

(3) The Score is calculated according to which refinement/s have been selected per statement (1 for emerging, 2 for developing, 3 for secure). Therefore if a statement in Stage 2 was marked as 'developing', this would score 2. If the same statement is marked as 'developing' again, the score will remain as 2 no matter how many times it is repeated. When the same statement/a different statement is marked as 'secure' this score will change to 3. The score is the sum of all refinement scores together. 

(4) This column shows the Percentage of each stage that the child has an assessment for. 



More information about using the SEND framework can be found at this tutorial and information about the SEND Statements Screen can be found in this tutorial

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