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Using page filters on Tapestry


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Each page on Tapestry can hold a lot of information, and the longer you use Tapestry for, the more information you will have stored on your account. The page filters were designed as a way to refine and narrow down the information you see on a specific page. 

You can find page filters on the browser version of Tapestry and on the new iOS and Android apps, but not on the original version of the app. The new versions of the app are separate to the original, so they do need to be downloaded from the App/Play store and it's not possible to update the original version of the app to the new one. For information about the new iOS app, please see this article and for information about the new Android app, please see this one

I will go through how page filters work on the browser version and the new app in this tutorial, for the app I will be using screenshots from the new iOS version, but the process will be exactly the same on the Android app. I'll start by looking at the browser version of Tapestry. To skip to the section on using the page filters on the app, click here.



I won’t go through all the pages that can be filtered on the browser, as there are many, but if a page can be filtered you will find the button for them at the top of the page; it looks like this:




You’ll see below an example of the page filters for the observations page and the page filters on the Manage Staff page within the Control Panel. The filter options will differ for each page you are on.




To filter the page you just need to select an option from one of the drop-downs (1) and then press ‘submit’ (2). You’ll then only see the options on this page that matches the criteria you have chosen to filter by.




The page filters will stay enabled once you leave the page, or log out, but you can quickly clear them by clicking where it says ‘Reset filters’ underneath the page filters button.






There are two different places within the new app where you can use page filters to narrow down the information you are seeing, they are on the main observations page and when you are choosing children to add to an observation. I'll start by showing you the page filters on the observations page.

Once you login, you can find the page filters for the observations at the bottom of the screen, you just need to tap where it says 'No filters'. 




Here you'll be presented with all of the different options you can filters observations by (1). If you change your mind about adding a page filter, you can select the 'cancel' button at any time (2). 




Once you've made your selection this will show up in red to indicate that there will be a filter applied (1). To go back to the observations with your filter applied just select 'Done' (2) (or 'Submit' on Android). 




Now on the observations page, you will only see posts that meet your filter criteria. You can see at the bottom that you have page filters applied.




You can clear the filter at any point by clicking on it at the bottom, and then select the category (1) and choose 'Any' instead of the specific class, for example. You can also select the recent 'No filters' at the top (2). Remember to click 'Done' (3).
(Note: on Android, you will have a 'Reset filters' button at the bottom of the main feed screen. You can just select this.)




You can also use filters when adding children to an observation, which might be useful if you have a lot of children on your account or want to select children from a specific group. To see how to add an observation on the app you just need to follow these tutorials for iOS and for Android. Once you get to the stage of adding children, you can filter them by selecting where it says 'No filters'. 




Again, you can choose how you want to narrow down the children you see through the different filter categories (1) and if you change you mind, you just need to hit 'Cancel' (2). 
Once you've chosen a filter this will show as red (3) and to continue you just need to select 'Done' (4).




Now you'll be able to choose children just from a specific group or groups (depending on your chosen filter/s). You can see you have a filter applied as shown the bottom (1) and to clear them you just need to click on 'Clear filters' (2). 







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