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How to add an observation on the app - Android


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In this tutorial we're going to cover how to add an observation using the Android version of the Tapestry app.

To do this using the iOS app see this tutorial.

While you can view view Memos and Planned Activities though the latest version of the Android app, it's not currently possible to edit them or create them using the app. You need to sign in via https://tapestryjournal.com/ to do this.


Once you’ve logged in via the Tapestry app, you can add an observation by tapping on the ‘+’ button at the top of the screen.




I'll now talk you through all the options on the add observation screen:

1) You need to add a title for your observation here

2) Use this section to add your notes

3) In the 'Pictures, Videos and Audio' section you can add media from your device library, or take a photo, video, or audio clip through the app on your device.

4) You can add children by tapping on 'Select children'

5) Assessments can be added by selecting 'Pick assessments from list'

6) You can add flags through 'Pick flags from list'

7) If you have the EYFS 2021 Flag set enabled you'll also see a reference material section you can tap on, with links to relevant information to support your observations.

8) If you have permission, here you can change the status of an observation from not in journal to either in journal or staff view only or scheduled

9) If you want to change the time/date of the observation, you can do that here

10) If you have the additional information field enabled, you will see this at the bottom

11) Tapping on 'cancel' will give you the options of either deleting the whole observation, or saving it as a draft

12) At the top you can see the status of the observation to remind you whether it will be added to a child's journal

13) Once you're done adding your observation, you can click on 'Upload' 




Selecting Children

When you choose the 'Select children' option to add children to your observation you will be presented with a list of every child you can see on your account.

At the top you have the option to select all children (1) and you can also search for a specific child using the search bar (2). If you want to select children from a specific group, you can tap where it says 'No filters' which will bring up the group filters you can select children from (3). 

One helpful new feature you will notice after you have made an observation on the new app is that in the Children section, you have the option to see children that have been included in a recent observation show up as a group and you can then quickly select this group to save you having to select the children individually. To see any groups of children you recently added to observations, tap on the icon of 4 children in the top right-hand corner (4).




Now at the top you will see the children that have been recently selected and you can simply tap on this option to include them in your observation (5). To stop seeing previously selected children, tap on the four child icon in the top right-hand corner again. 

Otherwise to attach children, just tap on their names and you'll be taken back to the observation you're creating (6). 





Adding Assessments

Tapping on the 'Pick assessment from list' option will then bring up a page where you see a list of all the assessments you have enabled on your account. To assess with one, you just need to select it. 




Then go through and select your relevant subject and area. 




Add any of the relevant statements (1) and then press 'Done' (2) to go back to the Assessments main page. Here you'll be able to see that one statements from the assessment framework has been selected for the observation (3).

To return to the observation just click 'Done' (4) once more. 




A handy feature is the ability to 'favourite' assessment frameworks. To find out how to do this, you can have a look at this tutorial.



Adding Flags

Selecting 'Pick flags from list' will allow you to see all of the available flags that you have enabled. You can click on any of the relevant flag sets to view and select them for the observation. In this case I'm going to select a flag from the EYFS 2021.

Once you select 'Flags', You'll then see all of the available flags that you have enabled. You can click on any of the relevant flag sets to view and select them for the observation. In this case I'm going to select a flag from 'EYFS 2021'.




When viewing the specific flag set you'll see another shortcut to the reference material (1), and you can tap on the star icon (2) to favourite this flag set so it will show at the top of the Flags screen for quick selection. 

Once you've made your selection by ticking the flag set and relevant area/s (3), tap on "Done" (4) at the top of the screen.




You'll see an overview of the flag set(s) that you've selected for this observation (1). If you're happy with the selection then just click on "Done" (2) to return to the observation.




Once you are finished adding your observation remember to tap on 'Upload' in the top right-hand corner. 

How quickly your observation uploads will depend on how large the observation is (if it has a lot of videos, especially if they are longer videos, this will make the observation larger) and it will also depend on the strength of your internet connection. 

If you are trying to upload a large observation or your internet connection is weak, this will become queued in the background. Let's have a look at what happens when an observation becomes queued.


Queued uploads

You can see if this has happened as at the top of your observation list it will say "[number of observations] upload queued". Tapping on that will show you any uploads that you have queued. 



As soon as the observation has finished uploading, it will move from this area onto your main observations list. 

If an observation is taking a long time to upload, we would recommend switching from WiFi to your 4G/5G. We would also suggest trying to upload in different areas in your location, preferably nearer the router. If after trying this, you are still not able to upload an observation, please try running this test here and sending the results to us at customer.service@eyfs.info.


So, that's how to add an observation on the Android app. Linked below are tutorials on how to edit, delete and change the status of an observation, as well as how to save draft observations and how to reply to observations with another observation.





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