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Draft observations on the Android app


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If you try leaving an observation before adding a title and children or you press on the 'Cancel' button, you will be given the following options. These are:

  1. Delete the observation
  2. Keep the observation and save it as a draft
  3. Keep editing the observation 

If you choose 2, to save the observation as a draft, it will be stored separately to your other observations. 



Once you save an observation as a draft, you will be able to find it from your main observations list by selecting "[number] draft post/s on this device".



Here you will see all your drafts. To edit and/or upload a draft, just tap on it.




Here you will see the observation as normal. If you haven't added a title or selected children, you will need to do this before you can upload it as a full observation. Once you are ready, tap on 'Upload' in the top right-hand corner. 




To delete a draft, go to the drafts page and swipe the draft to the left. You will see a red bin icon appear as you slide across. Be careful when doing this deleted drafts cannot be restored

Please note drafts are automatically deleted 90 days after they are added if they are not saved as an observation.



So that's how to save an observation as a draft and then upload it on the Android app. 




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