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Booking: Assigning/moving children between rooms


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This tutorial will guide you through assigning/moving the room a child belongs to within Booking.

By default children will not be assigned to any room. If you haven't done so already, you can set up your Rooms by going to 'Config' in the menu on the left-hand side and then selecting Rooms. You can choose the name of your Rooms as well as the colour! This tutorial will talk you through setting up your Rooms. 


Firstly, to assign or move the room a child is in, you'll need click on Children from the menu on the left-hand side (1) and then select a child (2). Go to the Room Moves tab (3). Here, if you've already assigned a Room to the child then you'll see their Current Room (4). You can begin assigning/moving the Room they are in by selecting Move Room (5):





After clicking on Room Moves you'll see the following screen. You can choose the room a child will belong to by clicking on the dropdown and selecting the relevant room (1). You can then add the date in which they will join this room (2). You'll also be able to see the age the child will be when they move to this room (3). Once you're happy the room and date are correct then you can click Save (4):





When you've saved the room assignment/room you'll be taken back to the following page where you can see the Upcoming Room (1), Current Room (2) and Past Room (3) the child has been assigned/moved to:





You might also find that, when you go to Children, you see that a number of children do not yet have a Room assigned (1).

Here you can assign children to a room in bulk by selecting them individually (2). You can also select them all if relevant (3). 

You can assign these children to a room by selecting the dropdown on the right-hand side (4) and then clicking Confirm Assignment (5). You'll see that the children you assigned to the room you chose are no longer in the list. 






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