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Booking: Creating, editing and deleting your rooms


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In this tutorial we'll look at how you can create, edit and delete rooms within Tapestry's Booking feature. Creating rooms can make your bookings easier to manage as you can view bookings for each room separately. You can also view the total number of bookings in each room to help you manage capacity and staffing.

If you have already created a room and would like to assign your children to it, or move children between rooms, you can find a link to our tutorial on this here.

If you are using the Booking feature for the first time, the first time you open the Booking page (1) you will be given a list of things you can do, including adding your rooms (2).




On the next page you will need to click the 'Add Room' button.




If you have used the booking feature before then to create a new room you will need to go to Booking (1) > Configuration (2) > Rooms (3), then click the 'Add Room' button (4)




You will then be able to select a name (1), description (2) and colour (3) for your room. Both the description and colour are optional. If you add a description this will appear under the room on the Configuration page. Making your rooms different colours will make them a bit easier to identify when looking at the bookings for your whole setting. Once you are done click 'Save' (4)




Your room will then be created and should appear on the Configuration page. You can use the buttons to the right to view the bookings for that room (1), or to edit (2) or delete (3) the room.




You will also be able to view the bookings for your room or your whole setting, by going to the main Rooms section on the left (1) and selecting your room (2). However, before you do this you may need to assign children to your room.





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