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Booking: Daily & weekly room views


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In this tutorial we will look at the “Daily Bookings” and “Weekly Bookings” screens within the Booking functionality.

These screens show you the children you have booked in and the sessions they are booked in for. You can see this information for your whole setting, or broken down into your rooms. If you haven't set up your rooms yet, this tutorial will talk you through how. 

Let’s start by navigating to these screens. Once you have clicked “Booking” in the top task bar (1), you should be on the Rooms page by default (2).





Here you can specify what you would like to see. From the top you can choose between “Daily bookings” and “Weekly Bookings” (1) and from the left-hand side you can choose to see bookings for your whole setting or a specific room (2).





Let’s look at my Daily Bookings for my Whole Setting as an example:

Down the left hand-side you will see all the children in your setting that have a booking today (1). Because we are looking at “Whole Setting”, it will also tell you what Room they are in underneath their name.

Along the top is an hour by hour breakdown of your opening times (2). You can see I am open from 7 A.M. to 5 P.M.

You will also see a number above each time (3). This is your Peak Occupancy each hour. For example, Between 7 A.M and 8 A.M. I'll have 7 children in my setting. Between 8 A.M and 9 A.M I'll have 42 children in my setting. 

The green blocks represent a session that the child is attending (4).





Clicking on any of the green session blocks gives you more information about it:





The Daily Bookings screen will also clearly show any holidays (1) or illnesses (2) that you have recorded for the children:




Now let’s take a look at the Weekly Booking screen:

By default it will start on the Monday of whichever week you are currently in, but you can change which week you want to see by using the “From: Week Commencing” box at the top (1)

The table has your Rooms down the left-hand side (if looking at Whole Setting) (2) and your days of the week, further broken down into AM and PM, along the top (3). Again, these are based on your Opening Hours.



By default the AM/PM split time happens at 12:00 (noon). But you can change that by clicking the pencil icon here:




Within each AM and PM block you will see two numbers. The top number will be either your Peak Occupancy or your Total Children. You can change which one is shown using the buttons at the top (1) I will explain both of these in more detail below. 

The bottom number will be Staff Required (2). This is decided when you configure your Rooms and set a Staff Ratio. 

A red number (3) indicates I am over capacity in that room. You can see the capacity for my "0-2 year olds" room is 9, but in the morning on Monday the 5th I have 10 children booked. 




The other important thing to consider is these two options at the top: “Peak Occupancy” and “Total Children”.

Depending on what sessions you offer, these two selections might show you different things so let me explain what each one of them means.

  • Peak Occupancy is going to show you the number of children attending at the SAME time. (1)
  • Total Children is going to show you the number of children attending during the whole AM or PM period of time (2).



These figures might differ if you offer multiple different sessions during the AM or PM slots.

For example, If I offer two morning sessions: Morning 1 is from 8 – 10. Morning 2 is from 10 – 12. Both of these sessions fall within the AM period.

So if I have one child coming in for Morning 1, and another child coming in for Morning 2 then my Peak Occupancy is going to be 1 because I only ever have a maximum of 1 child in at any one time.

My Total Children is going to be 2 because across my whole morning session I would have looked after 2 children in total.

Keeping this in mind, select whichever option is most helpful to you and the table will automatically update the figures if needed. Please note, Peak Occupancy is the default so if you navigate away from this screen while viewing Total Children, when you come back it will have reverted back to showing Peak Occupancy numbers.


You can click on any of the sessions to get more details. Here you can see what I mentioned earlier:

Peak Occupancy is 21, but total children is 22. This is because I have two different sessions in the morning. I have Breakfast Club which runs from 7 AM to 8AM and then I have Morning Session which runs from 8 AM to 12 PM. 

I have 1 child who is only attending Breakfast Club and not the Morning Session, making my Total Children one higher than Peak Occupancy. This is also telling me I have too many children booked into this room because the number is in red. 




So, those are the daily and weekly room views within the Booking system. We hope you found this tutorial helpful!



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