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Booking: How to set up the booking system on your account


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In this tutorial I'm going to explain how you can set up the Booking system on your Tapestry account.

Booking will be enabled by default, but if you need to turn it back on after it has been turned off, any manager can do this by going to the Control Panel (1), selecting 'Features' on the left-hand menu (2) and then clicking on the 'Enable' button for Booking (3).




Once enabled, you'll then be able to access Booking on your account from the bar at the top.




When you first access Booking on your account, you will be presented with an initial set-up page. There are three actions you need to complete on this page in order to be able to proceed with using the booking system, as well as two additional optional actions. These actions are:

  1. Having children set up on your account
  2. Setting your opening hours
  3. Adding your sessions
  4. Adding rooms (optional)
  5. Adding closures and school holidays (optional)



I'll now go through the list in more depth for you:


  1. If you haven't got children set up on your account already I've linked below the tutorials that will talk you through how:

       Adding children individually

       Adding children in bulk via CSV (spreadsheet) file

  2. Following the second option on the initial set up screen will take you to the opening hours page. Here you can select the days your setting is open and the hours it is open for each day. See this tutorial for more information on setting your opening hours. 


  3. The final mandatory action you have to complete from the initial set up page is to set up your sessions. How you do this is important as it will affect how your data can be exported and therefore whether it can be used in conjunction with your current mode of billing. Please note, we will be adding a Billing system to Tapestry as a future release to the Management System. 

    On the Sessions screen you will see it says you currently have no sessions set up (A) and you can click on either of the 'Add Session' buttons to start adding them (B). 


    You will then see your sessions appear in a list (C). 


    Read this tutorial for full instructions on how to set up your sessions within Booking. 

  4. The first optional action in the list is to add rooms. You can set up your rooms to match the rooms/groups of children you have in your setting. Once your rooms are set up, you can allocate children to them which will then allow you to view data for specific groups within Booking. When you first access the Rooms page you will be informed you currently have no rooms set up (A). Click on the 'Add Room' button to start setting up your rooms (B). 

    This tutorial explains the process of setting up Rooms on your account in more detail and this one then covers how you can allocate or move children between rooms. 


  5. Finally, the last action in the list (and the other optional one), is to set up your closures and school holidays if appropriate for your setting. From this page, click on the 'Add' button (A) and you will then be able to choose to add a closure (B) or a school holiday (C). 



If you have already completed the three non-optional actions listed on the setup page, you will not be presented with this screen when you enter Booking. 

You can complete these actions on your account at any point though by going to 'Configuration' on the left-hand menu (1) and then selecting the appropriate option from the list (2).





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