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Adding Children in bulk via CSV (spreadsheet) file


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On Tapestry it's possible to import children, relatives and staff in bulk, from a CSV file. You can see how to create a CSV file yourself from here, but you may also be able to export one from your school Management Information System.

Once you have your CSV file you can upload this from your Control Panel in your account. You can access this by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner (1), selecting 'Control Panel' (2) from the drop-down menu and when you arrive on the Control Panel you'll need to select 'Manage Children' (3) from the left-hand menu. 

At the top of this page you can see how many enrolling, active, inactive and awaiting deletion children you have, as well as the total number of children and how many free enrolling and active child spaces you have on your account (4). By default you will see all children you but if you just want to see enrolling, active, inactive or awaiting deletion children, you can click on the appropriate button. 




On the Manage Children page you will then need to scroll down to the bottom and click on the 'Choose File' button (1) to open your file explorer and find your CSV file. Next click (2) 'Upload'.




You'll be taken through a couple of steps to ensure that the information from the file you want to import ends up in the right fields in Tapestry. Here's the first:




These fields will probably not need changing, but they do offer you the option to change how the fields on your spreadsheet and the fields you can import into Tapestry match up if they don't look correct. Once you've checked the fields do match up properly, click 'Next Step'.

Please note that the column titled 'input name' are the headings that are on your spreadsheet. You might not be able to import everything you put on there though, for example, you can't assign key children groups though a CSV file. Click here to see the headings that you can import.

The values of some fields need some refining and this next page gives you the option to adjust these.




Finally, you can select which children from the original file you'd like to import into Tapestry. If you want to import them all, just check the 'Select All' box (1). You can also select/deselect individual children from the tick boxes next to their names (2).

At the bottom of the page you can then decide whether you want to add the children as active (3) or enrolling (4).

If you add the children as active, they will contribute towards the number of spaces on your account. You will also be able to use the full functionality of Tapestry with them, so you can include them in observations, memos and activities etc.

If you add the children as enrolling, they will not contribute towards your number of active children. This status was designed for settings who want to be able to add new children to their account before they start. With children that enrolling you can add them to groups, link relatives and assign them key children for staff as well as complete their All About Me and add name labels for them, but most features are not available for them until they become active.

You can only add the same number of enrolling children to your account as you have spaces for active children. So, if you had our up to 60 child package, you could add up to 60 enrolling children.

Please note, if you choose to add children as active, it’s not possible to later change them to ‘enrolling’.

If you do add the children as enrolling, this tutorial will talk you through how you can then activate them.




The children will now appear on your Tapestry as active or enrolling.




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