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Booking: How to navigate the booking system


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In this tutorial we're going walk through the main sections of the booking system. Once you've set up Booking on your account (see our tutorial on this here), start by going to the 'Booking' tab at the top of the page. 




In the top left you can see the four main tabs that you'll be using to navigate the Booking system. The first one that you land on when accessing Booking is the Rooms page, so we'll have a look at that first. If you'd like to skip straight to a different section then you can use the links below:




A) Rooms

When on the Rooms tab, you can view either the Whole Setting (1), or click on each room (2) to view the bookings for that room individually. These pages give an overview of the number of children that are booked in at each hour. You can choose to view bookings for a day or for a week (3).

For a more in-depth view at the daily and weekly view you can take a look at our tutorial on this here.




B) Children

The Children tab gives a page for each child. Clicking on their page (1), the Dashboard (2) shows information on their age and the room they're assigned to (3). You can also see an overview of their schedule (4), and extra bookings and absences (5).

You can view their schedule, and extra bookings and absences in more detail from the relevant tabs across the top (6). This tutorial will show you how to set a regular schedule for a child. And this tutorial will guide you through adding an extra booking or planned absence for a child. 

From a child's page there's also a tab where you can view and manage the room a child is assigned to (7). As well as an individual child's page, along the left you can view and amend the children that aren't yet assigned to a room (8). You can check out our tutorial on managing child room moves here.




C) Exports

As the name suggests, here you can export booking data (1) from a chosen date range (2), and for a specific child or all children (3). There are also a few options to customize the export further as preferred (4).

You can have a look at this tutorial for a closer look on exporting data.




D) Configuration

The final tab you'll see on the left is Configuration. This is where you set the core details on your booking system, and you'll find a page for the four main details (1-4). The first you come to is your closures and school holidays (1) where you can add new, or view, edit and delete any you currently have set. Similarly, on the Opening Hours (2) and Sessions (3) pages you can view and amend your current settings. 

On the Rooms page (4) you can add new rooms, and view and edit the details of your current rooms. From here you can also view bookings per room.

For a more in-depth look the Configuration tab, you can check out our tutorial here that walks you through setting your closures, opening hours, and rooms. You can also view our tutorial on how to set your sessions here.




And that's it! We hope you've found this useful, but if you have any queries please contact us at customer.service@eyfs.info and we'll be happy to help.




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