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There are a couple of known reasons for users to be repeatedly, and seemingly randomly, logged out of Tapestry.


Multiple users on an account

The first, and most common, is when multiple people are logged into the same account. Please make sure every staff member has their own account with their own email address and password. Not only will this stop you from being kicked out whenever anyone else is using the account, but it will make knowing who has completed which observation a lot easier!

Please note that even if a staff member is just going through and checking observations, they will need their own account.


Poor WiFi connection

In order to stay logged into Tapestry, you will need to be online. If your internet drops out, even for just a for a second or two, you will need to log back in. If you aren't changing the page a lot this might not be immediately obvious, but when you try to go to a different page, or save something you will be taken back to the log in screen.


Caching issues

If you are finding that you are getting logged out whenever you try to complete an action, but there definitely isn't someone else trying to log into your account and your internet connection is fine, you might need to clear your cache. How to do this varies between browsers, but this guide has links to instructions for the most common ones. To find out which browser you're using click here.


Proxy servers

Proxy servers do tend to interfere with the connection between you and Tapestry. If you know you have a proxy server, please open (or ask your IT technician to open) port 443.

If you would like any more details about this, (or if none of the above fixes have worked) please feel free to email us at  tapestry.support@eyfs.info.


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