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Can't login to Tapestry troubleshooting guide (staff)


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If you are registered as a staff user on Tapestry and are unable to login, please follow these steps in order. Hopefully they will help you to regain access to your account but if not they will direct you to the best place to go for further assistance. If you are a parent or relative please use this separate guide as the steps you need to follow are slightly different.


Please try these options on the browser version of Tapestry to begin with at https://tapestryjournal.com/.


1) If you get the message ‘Login details correct, but account not active’ please contact your setting manager, or if you are the only setting manager, please contact Tapestry support by emailing tapestry.support@eyfs.info.


2) If you get a message saying that Tapestry 'Could not find an active account with the email address and password you entered' and you don’t know your Tapestry password or PIN, please generate yourself a password reset email here. If you are not sure which email address you need to login with please contact your setting manager or Tapestry support.


3) If you think you know the email address and password that you are set up with on Tapestry, but are still getting that error message, please check that you are entering your username and password correctly, bearing in mind that passwords are case sensitive, and check your browser is not automatically inputting incorrect saved details. If this does not help, please try resetting your password.


4) If you have not received a password reset email after requesting one, please check your spam folder and add noreply@tapestryjournal.com to your contacts or anti-spam whitelist. If emails still won’t come through, please contact your setting manager or Tapestry support to check you are registered under the correct email address.


5) Are you a Gmail user? Please note that while @gmail.com and @googlemail.com (and other variations) are the same email address, only one version will work for your Tapestry login, please check which version you are registered on Tapestry with.


6) Check to see if you can access Tapestry on a different device. If there is only an issue on one device, please check to see whether you are able to access other websites on it. If you are unable to, please contact your IT support or network provider.


7) If you are unable to login on any device, please check to see if your colleagues are having the same problem and whether Tapestry is the only website you are having issues connecting to. If the problem persists on multiple devices/for several staff members at your setting, and if your setting has a proxy server or web filtering system, please ensure that tapestryjournal.com is whitelisted (you may need your IT technician to help with this).


8) If you do not have a proxy server or web filtering system, please run this speed test and contact Tapestry support at customer.service@eyfs.info with the results, and an explanation of the issue you are having.


9) If you are able to login to the browser version, but not the app, please update your app and try again. If that does not work please contact us at customer.service@eyfs.info.


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