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Reflections - Tag Counts Summary screen


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The Reflections Tag Counts Summary screen on Tapestry allows you to see how many reflections have been added for each tag within a set, so you can see which tags are being used more or less frequently. For example, you may see that there are more tags used in Reflections for the EYLF practices, compared to another tag set of the NQS (National Quality Standards). 

Please note that you will not be able to access this screen if you don't have any tag sets enabled on your account. To enable them you just need to follow this tutorial

To find this screen you just need to click on the ‘Tracking’ tab at the top of the page (1) and select ‘Reflections’ (2) from the menu. You will then see a selection of tracking screens for Reflections. You just need to click on the 'Summary' button in the Tag Counts section (3). 



You will then arrive at the Tag Count Summary screen where you’ll need to select which tag set you would like to view from the drop-down menu.




After selecting a tag set you may then also see further categories for that tag set, in this example I've selected EYLF outcomes and this can be refined by each outcome (1). If you do select an outcome here, then you will also be presented with the option of refining by sub-outcome. If you don't refine by a category, such as an outcome, then you will just see the reflection count for each category without this being narrowed down by any sub-categories.

I will start by not selecting an outcome, but I will also show how this changes if you do select a sub-outcome. 

You can also apply the normal Tapestry filters here, such as filtering by group, individual children etc., by clicking on the 'Filter & Sort Reflections' button (2).

Then in the chart you can see the tag set you have chosen at the top (3) as well as the total reflection count for that tag set (4). Under the tag set name, you will see each tag, in this case each outcome, (5) and the reflection count for each specific one (6). 

Any tags that haven't been included in any reflections will show up as pink to indicate this (7). 




If I now go and select an outcome (1), you'll see I also get the option to refine by sub-outcome (2) and if I select one, I also get the option to select an indicator (3). For each tag set you will be able to refine by different categories and a number of different sub-categories, the number of which will depend on the tag set. 

Now in the chart, at the top, you can see the sub-category you have selected in bold and next to this you can see the total number of reflections for that sub-outcome also in bold (4). 

Underneath this you will the sub-categories you have selected, in this case the indicators for the sub-outcome 4.2, and next to each one you can see the reflection count for that specific sub-category (5). 




Clicking on a category or sub-category will show you the actual reflections that have contributed towards this count. 




You can export this screen as a CSV or PDF at any point from the buttons in the right-hand corner.







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