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Settling an invoice through the FSF


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Please note: You can now pay your invoices and renewals directly through Tapestry! Please see our tutorial here on how to renew your account and pay invoices through Tapestry


If you want to pay an invoice through your FSF account you will firstly need to login to it. You can do this by going to eyfs.info and clicking on the 'Sign In' option in the top right-hand corner.




This will bring up a drop-down box where you can input your username or email and password (1). Once you've done this you just need to click on the 'Sign In' button (2). 




Once logged in you can access your invoice by clicking on your username in the top corner (1) and selecting 'My Invoices and Purchases' (2).




This is what the invoices and purchases screen should look like. Here you will see all your previous and current orders (1). It will tell you if an invoice has been paid or not (2) and you can click on the 'View Details' button (3) to see the full invoice. 

If you have a pending invoice you can either pay it (4) or cancel it (5). 




If you click on 'Pay Now', this will take you to a page where you can review your order (1) and choose how you want to pay (2). 




If you want to pay by card you will need to select that option (1) and then enter your payment details (2). 




If you want to pay by BACs or cheque you will need to select the 'Pay by Post' option and then click 'Place Order And Pay'. 




This will then bring up all the details you will need to arrange payment (1). To download a copy of your invoice you just need to click on the 'Print Invoice' button (2).




If you do pay by BACS payment make sure you include your invoice number in the payment reference to allow us to identify the payment. If you cannot do this please make sure you send a remittance advice email including the payment reference number to bacs@eyfs.info.

If you are paying from overseas please ensure that you, "the remitter" bear all local and overseas charges and they are not passed onto us. Please also ensure you pay the amount in GBP so that we receive the correct amount even if the exchange rate changes. Any shortfall in payment because of international payment charges or exchange rate fluctuations will delay us activating your account while we discuss the shortfall with you and you send us the required extra payment.


If you have access to Tapestry you can now also view and pay invoices via your Control Panel. This tutorial explains how to do this. 


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