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The Cherry Garden Orchard is the place where you can view a graphical representation of the progress a child has made if they are being assessed against the Cherry Garden Branch Maps Framework.

Please note, if you would like to use the Cherry Garden Orchard graphic, we recommend having 3 refinements enabled on your account and assigning the third refinement when a child is secure in a statement. Although statements with any refinements will show up on the flower, only statements assessed with the third refinement will appear on the tree. To see how to set up Cherry Garden refinements on your account, you can take a look at this tutorial

 To view a child’s Orchard, first select ‘Children’ at the top of the page:




 Select the child’s name and choose ‘Cherry Garden Orchard’ from the drop-down list:


Orchard 1.png


The following screen will appear to provide instructions for exploring the child’s Orchard:


orchard 2.png


When you click ‘Let’s Explore’ you are taken to the main Orchard view:




Click on an area of learning from the 4 choices.  If the child is working within Branches 1-4, then you will see images of plant pots, with the different ‘strands’ labelled on them.  Click on the plant pot to see the child’s learning flower grow.


plant pots.png



The petals on the flower represent different milestones, and the colours show how the milestones are organised into the branches.  A petal grows as a child secures learning, and deepens in colour as the child receives additional assessments to show the generalisation of learning.  Click on the petals to view evidence associated with each milestone:


petal evidence.png


The camera image in the bottom left of the Orchard view can be used to take a ‘snapshot’ of the flower.  This may be useful if you are wanting to compare how a child’s flower looks at the beginning and end of a given term.

If a child is working in branches 5-10 then their progress will be shown on a cherry tree.




The main branches of the tree represent the strands from within the particular map.  In the above example, the four strands from the CLL Branch Map are evident.  You can click on the main branches to zoom in on the individual strands:


main branch.png


At this point each leaf can be selected to show evidence relating to a particular milestone.  From here, you can choose to fully open the media back in the usual Tapestry view.  Leaves are added to the tree as each statement is observed and assessed as secure.




At any point, the ‘Back’ button can be clicked to take you back one step.

Please note that relatives will only be able to see the tree if they are allowed to see Cherry Garden assessments. That can be checked on and amended from the control panel by going to Settings > Assessments then configuring the Cherry Garden framework. 


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