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Quite often the person who administers your Tapestry account is not the same person who pays for the renewal every year. In these circumstances you may want to set the person who does pay for your invoices up an alternative contact for your FSF account. This means the administrator will continue to receive emails about the FSF and Tapestry, including the invoices. The bursar or finance officer will also be notified when an invoice is ready, and will be able to log in to their own FSF account and make payment for the invoice and any future invoices themselves online.


To set up the alternative contact, the second contact will need to first have an FSF account. If they already have one, you can skip this step.

If they don't have an FSF account yet, please ask them to contact customer.service@eyfs.info to request that we set up an account for them for the purposes of being an alternative contact. They will need to confirm that they are happy to receive email communications from us, and suggest a username that they'd like to use.

Once your second FSF account is ready, you can add it as an alternative contact.


Start by logging in with your main FSF account (the one with your Tapestry purchases) at http://eyfs.info/index.html/.




Once logged in, click on your username (1) near the top of the screen and select 'My Invoices and Purchases' (2) from the drop down menu:



Once on the invoices and purchases 'overview' screen, navigate to the alternative contacts screen by clicking the 'My Details' (1) drop down menu and selecting 'Alternative Contacts' (2).




Click the 'Add New Contact' button to add the contact.




This is the screen where you add your alternative contact. To do so, you just need to enter the email address they were registered with (1), and select what purchases you want the alternative contact to have access to (2) - you can click as many as you like. You can also choose the level of access you want them to have on your account; tick the first box (3) to allow access to your support emails, and the second box (4) to allow access to billing and payment. Generally it's useful to allow access to both. Press 'Save' (5) when you are happy with everything.




Once you've added an alternative contact, this screen will then display them. You can edit (1) their level of access to your account, or remove (2) them as an alternative contact.




Assuming you've allowed the "View and pay invoices" option, your alternative contact will receive copies of your renewal invoices by email and can then log in to their own FSF account and pay your invoice as normal.


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