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To view and change your preferences, you will first need to log into the browser version of Tapestry at www.tapestryjournal.com, using your email address and password. Click on your username in the top right, so that the drop-down menu appears, then click 'Edit Preferences'.




This will open up your Account Preferences page. On that page in the bottom right, you will see a box labelled 'Mailing Lists' - click the button in that box that says 'Change Mailing List Subscription'.




This will open up your Mailing List Subscriptions page, which will tell you what your current subscription status is (1). You will also see a blue button labelled 'Unsubscribe' or 'Subscribe', depending on what you preference you have set previously (2). 




To subscribe or unsubscribe, simply click the blue button and Tapestry will save your preferences - a green banner will appear briefly at the top of the page to confirm that the changes have been saved.




NB: Remember, if you are set up on Tapestry for two or more settings, you will need to change your preferences on all accounts - changing it for one will not save the same preferences for your other accounts. However, if you are set up on more than one account using the same email address and want to be subscribed to the mailing list but not receive the same email multiple times, you just need to subscribe via one of your accounts and leave the other(s) set as 'Unsubscribed'.


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